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Chaos As Heavily Armed Boko Haram Terrorists Return To Chibok

boko haram returns to chibok

Panic As Heavily Armed Boko Haram Terrorists Return To Chibok LGA Of Borno State

On Tuesday, residents of Chibok LGA of Borno State  came under heavy attack by the Boko Haram terrorists, who stormed Korongilum Community in a heavy convoy of gun trucks and motorcycles.

The heavily armed insurgents stormed the community around 6pm when the villagers were returning from the day’s work and opened fire on the hapless residents, killing scores and wounding many others in the process.

Many houses were also razed by the rampaging terrorists who operated for hours unchallenged.

Meanwhile efforts to get the Army Spokesperson, Colonel Sagir Musa, to confirm the attack on the community, were abortive as he did not respond to the several calls by our Correspondent.

According to the report, the insurgents came into the community around 6pm, shooting sporadically and setting many houses on fire.

But a reliable source within the Military hierarchy, said that the military is on top of the situation and has restored normalcy in the community.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jilo

    February 19, 2020 at 3:07 PM

    Let me ask us a question, how in the whole wide world would Boko Haram are stepping into Nigeria soil without stringent immigration control? Again, if we need some help how come we are so arrogant by failing to request for help?. There is nothing wrong in joint exercise between Nigeria Army and Cameroonian Army to flush out this dreaded Boko Haram.

    It appeared those BH are tactical and well organized that is the reason they are still existing by now. If you are suspecting they are coming from Mali, Chad or Niger, why not permanently close your borders instead of letting terrorists mix up with other Innocent Migrants. This is the right time to stop legal immigration until the problem of BH is solved. We cannot be fighting terrorism and allow every Dick and Harry come into our Country unregulated. United States said she is banning some Countries from entry United States in quest of fighting against terror activities, that’s is a good excuse for protecting its citizens. Around the globe, protection of life’s and properties of private citizens should be No.1 priority.

    In as much I supported Buhari prior to his inauguration does not mean that I should not point out his lacking and inability to save his Country from terror group Boko Haram. You cannot be ethnocentric when it comes to fighting terrorists. Just because most of them are Hausa-Fulanis does not mean that you have to show leniency or place them above your Country. The killings by this group is becoming endemic. It is even disgraceful and embarrassing that these groups are killing Nigerian Soldiers at will not to helpless and feeble citizens. Some people may want to question me for supporting him and criticizing him. Yes! it is true because most of our better people from south are unpatriotic and not ready to faithfully run the affairs of this nation, their interest is about money and corruption. That left a vacuum for Buhari.

    President Buhari, this is your War. The way you fight this war will determine how history will judge you after your tenure from office. It is either you stand up to fight this war with the last drop of your breath or you allow enthnocentrism and ego lead you to the destruction of Nigeria. It your decision.

    The difference between Obasanjo administration and Buhari is that, Obasanjo tried to unite Nigeria as a nation while Buhari show more interest in his clan. A true leader should never have done that. I remember Zaki-Biam and Odi saga. If Obasanjo had not taken a bold step to stop lawlessness then, we will be having a different version of terrorist groups by now. Even in the 60, Obasanjo stopped the same aggression by some military riffraff in his home state. That is a good leadership.

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