“Catholic Priest Rev John Adeyi Was Destined To Die In My Hands ” – Kidnapper Tells Police

kidnapper sent by God to kill rev. father

September 24, 2016 – “Catholic Priest Rev John Adeyi Was Destined To Die In My Hands  ” – Kidnapper Tells Police

Saidu Abdullahi, the suspected kidnapper who killed the Catholic Priest, Reverend John Alex Adeyi (Ph.D.) in Benue State and abandoned his corpse inside the bush, has continued to sing like a bird to police investigators.

In his latest lyrics, he said that after killing Adeyi, he still went ahead to pretend he (the priest) was alive just to collect the ransom from his family. According to him, he used his share of the ransom to build a fantastic four-room apartment.

Operatives of the Inspector General of Police, (IGP) Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT), who tracked and cracked the kidnapping gang two months after the abduction of Adeyi, said they were shocked over Abdullah’s lack of remorse in murdering the priest. Rather, Abdullahi looked into eyes of the policemen and smirked.

He wanted them to understand that whatever God planned, nobody could change it; thus there was no sense in crying over spilt milk. He explained that the priest had to die, because God planned it that way. He added that God also planned that he, Abdullahi, should be the killer.

He calmly explained:

“I sensed danger and alerted Aliu, who was in the bush with me. The priest was with us. I sensed some people were trailing us. We started running, instead of the priest to run with us, he ran in the opposite direction. He ran towards the direction of the vigilante men that were hunting us. I felt he was trying to escape.

I shot him. He died on the spot. We abandoned his corpse and left the bush. The next day, his family called me. They paid N2million ransom. I got N750, 000 as my share. I used it to build four room


15 thoughts on ““Catholic Priest Rev John Adeyi Was Destined To Die In My Hands ” – Kidnapper Tells Police

  1. This ugly bastard has got a hardened heart. With 750k he wasted a priest and claimed he’s destined to die that way. Even if its gonna be so, why you fool? One question for you boy, whose gonna say in that bloody house you have got? Vanity upon vanity all is vanity.

  2. That you are caught after this senseless killing is YOUR destiny and I hope your death will be painful.

    Wicked ugly soul !!!

  3. This idiot has the look of the devil. Merely looking at him one will deduce he is devil incarnate. He has met his Waterloo. The house he built with ill gotten money will now be occupied by rats and reptiles. If he is married the spirit of the innocent Reverend Father he killed will not allow his family to live there. The bastard should be executed and his accomplice sentenced to life in prison with hard labor. Death sentence should be the punishment for armed robbers, kidnappers, 419ers, those politicians who loot the national treasury. The Chinese treatment should be the norm in Nigeria. In that way the vices in the country will be curbed.

  4. My prayers are let the spirit of the priest rest with the saints in heaven Amen!
    For the ugly horrible killer your death will be shameful & painful even after your death peace will never know you.


  5. This stupid animal should be immedietly shot dead without any further delay. May Allah SWT eradicate this type of heartless criminals from our society ameen

  6. I suspect strongly that this guy is on the lunatic fringe and that he is a serial killer.
    Please, facilitate his trial and quickly dispatch him to the gas chamber. Save the world!

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