Catholic Women Leader Kidnapped In Calabar.. Kidnappers Demand N100Million

catholic women leader kidnapped calabar

November 15, 2016 – Catholic Women Leader Kidnapped In Calabar, Kidnappers Demand N100Million

Mrs Bibiana Elemi Edu, the President of Catholic women in Calabar was on Friday kidnapped when she went on a courtesy visit to the Reverend Sister in charge of John Paul II Good Samaritan Home.

According to a hawker who witnessed the abduction, her abductors swooped in on her while she was waiting for the gate of the home to be opened and dragged her into a waiting car.

Attempts made by some men to stop the kidnappers failed as they brought out guns and threatened to shoot them.

A family member of Elemi Edu said the kidnappers called them on Sunday to demand for N100million.

They reportedly called back on Monday and reduced the ransom to N20million but the victims family had insisted that they didn’t have any money.

Cross River Police Commissioner Ozi Obeh said a rescue team has been dispatched to ensure her safe release.

6 thoughts on “Catholic Women Leader Kidnapped In Calabar.. Kidnappers Demand N100Million

  1. If there’s no hash-bill passed on kidnapping,this nonsense will never stop.
    I pray for her safe return.

  2. every year ending get so ugly with kidnapping especially that side of south south of Nigeria, N100, Million naira ransom demanded by this lazy people looks to them as something you can just raise within minutes. this how stupid they are, just because the woman held a position in Catholic church seems to them the Church will raise such amount of money. some of this guys think like flies.

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