This Is Certainly Not The Best Time To Be Born Igbo – Ofodile Chinweike

not the best time to be born igbo

September 9, 2017 – This Is Certainly Not The Best Time To Be Born Igbo

By Ofodile Chinweike

Whither Igbo nation? This was my question after reading the development in the news like every other person. Not even one Igbo son or daughter was considered competent or loyal by President Buhari.

This is certainly not the best time to be born Igbo, but like the children of the Most High God; we will prevail. The million-dollar question is: where is the unity President Buhari told us that were not negotiable in his speech? From this anti-Igbo appointment, I can deduce that what Buhari meant in his presidential broadcast, was that the continuous domination of his kindred in Nigeria, was not negotiable. Is this the type of unity President Buhari claimed that he ‘discussed and settled’ with Ikemba Nnewi, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu in 2003? Wonders shall never end!

Here is the new appointment in NNPC; Names of those newly appointed as managers in NNPC are as follows; (August 2017)

North: Malami Shehu – MD Port Harcourt Refining Company; Muhammed Abah – MD Warri Refinery; Umar Ajiya – MD of NPMC; Bala Wunti – GGM CP&S; Usman Yusuf – GMD STA. (Tech); Ahmadu-Katagum – GGM Shipping (Downstream); Kallamu Abdullahi – GGM Renewable Energy Division; Shaibu Musa – MD NNPC Medical Services Limited; Ibrahim Birma – GGM Governance, Risk & Compliance Division and Farouk Ahmed – MD Product Mkg – Retiring.

Southwest: Adewale Ladenegan – MD Kaduna Refinery; Adeyemi Adetunji – MD NNPC Retail and Bola Afolabi – GGM Research & Development.

South South: Roland Ewubare – Group General Manager and Diepriye Tariah – MD of IDSL.

Southeast: 0. The South-East is told to do its worse!

The Niger Delta region, the goose that lays the golden eggs of crude oil was compensated with two non-strategic cum inconsequential positions. It’s now official that the new definition of NNPC is Northern Nigeria Petroleum Corporation and not Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation.

This article is not for the consumption of President Buhari, but for every Igbo, who had in the past, advertently or inadvertently attacked Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB, and other freedom fighters in Igbo land, for the sake of non-existent one Nigeria. The implication of this development is that Igbo nation will not have any representative in the management staff cadre of NNPC for the duration those appointments will last. Mind you, there is no drop of crude oil in the North but her sons and daughters call the shots in the affairs of Nigeria’s highest revenue-generating agency. Woe betides any applicant of Igbo origin who is dreaming to secure a job or contract in the NNPC under the structured management of the corporation. It is quite obvious that the Igbo’s have no place in Nigeria.

About the author: Ofodile Chinweike writes from Lagos

10 thoughts on “This Is Certainly Not The Best Time To Be Born Igbo – Ofodile Chinweike

  1. I want to believe that Ibos are too intelligent to be engaging in this kind of delicate dance. A dance that requires so much, but it effects are naively swiped aside. Is it a curse that Ibo must self-terminate? Most successful Ibo folks don’t want these lawless nitwitts to speak for them, se you wan pafuka all your achievements all years, abi wetin ke?

  2. I have no idea why evil thinkers like brother Ofodile Chinweike is now beating the evil drums of hatred, tribalism and succession just because an Igbo man was currently not represented at NNPC. I wish he can say the same under President Goodluck Jonathan who completely marginalized the Yorubas in his federal appointment while the Igbos occupied the powerful cabinet positions for six years of Jonathan presidency? Then, no single Yoruba man or woman was calling for succession or brainwashing other Yorubas that Nigeria doesn’t belong to them. Only in our evil, divided and hatred driven nation that federal appointment are based on region, religious and tribalism but not on merit, qualification, and experience of individuals for the good of all. This evil propagandist refuses to mention in his hatred filled article that the first Director of NNPC appointed by this president was an Igbo man from Delta state. The position of President, VC, and other political appointment both on federal and state levels should not be solely based on tribalism and religious but on merit, experience, and qualification. This is why I’m 100% against rotational presidency because that doesn’t represent true democracy, and in my view, worst than a dictatorship. Can someone tell me of what use or benefits are those powerful political appointees given to Igbos by Jonathan to ordinary Igbo currently living in the Southeast region? The answer remain zero, because instead of them using the oil surplus revenue to build roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, and to generate electricity for the people, those wicked and highly corrupt Jonathan ministers were busy looting and embezzling billions of dollars of oil money for personal use and billions of dollars are still piled up in many foreign accounts that can never be detected. So brother Ofodile, why are you crying fow just because an Igbo man was not currently appointed at one government entity according to your own assessment? I will never support any intentional marginalization of any Nigerian group or tribe by any government of the day because that will amount to nothing but evil, but if a Yoruba, Igbo or Ijaw man was not among high ranking staffs at one govt entity, I will never jump to such nasty and evil conclusion that the entire tribe doesn’t have a place in Nigeria. Please enough of this evil propaganda and division based on political appointees. Please bro. Ofodile, go look for a better job that will occupied your mind in Lagos instead of promoting tribalism and hatred for dumb, senseless and stupid reasons. Thanks.

    • Like seriously you wrote this epistle. You are politically bias and mostly shows up only when it has any thing to do with your pay master(s) but one thing is certain you gonna reap what you sow. the country has not recovered from the damage of past leaders and your pay master(s) is adding more fuel to the fire. pls take this your political correctness to somewhere else, perhaps to babies in the wombs bcos they are not yet born and don’t know what the country is like,so, they will accept what ever you tell them.

  3. What happened to pharaoh will happen to buhari soon, obj people are the real problem of nigeria because they are slaves to the cattle rearers from the north, left for igbo and hausa alone we would have finished them long time. How comes people that behaves like cows rule nigeria for hundred years? The resultis is what we see.
    it will never be well with the obj people and their northern terrorist. Look at chad, niger, mali, and arewa this people are the same.

    We will defend biafra with all we have, because the jews has no deallings with the gentiles. We will use force to gain our freedom because even their cow obey when cane is involved.

  4. No doubt the president has being biased in his appointment in the oil sector lately, an attitude that runs contrary to the constitutionally stipulated federal character. The appalling display of lopsidedness by president Muhammadu Buhari in recent shake-up in NNPC has completely brought to the foe his unrepentant disposition of disdain for the southeast. Buhari’s outright disregard for the constitutional provision is what is fueling lack of confidence and much agitation among youths in the southeast against the present governance structure. The president has ones again demonstrated that he’s not serious about achieving the much-mouthed unity, oneness and cohesion in an already fragmented country. It is a well known fact that for now there is no oil well anywhere in northern Nigeria, but the people of the southeast region which notably have proven oil resources some of which provide our nation’s revenue have been ostracized, neglected and not found fit by the current regime to be adequately qualify to representing in a key corporate institution like the NNPC. Fortunately, Buhari’s hateful act towards Igbo people is helping in creating a fertile ground and expediting the international required criteria backed by the UN for achieving a sovereign nation. Hence, we beg that he continue displaying this hateful attitude towards us. He’s indirectly helping us in compiling more fighting points that will be forwarded to the UN table for a just course in achieving our dream of secession.

  5. Don’t want to be sentimental but from my observations it seem buhari is destroying the little things the past leaders built. He is a disaster to this nation. May God and the people never allow this kind of disaster again, never again.

  6. When and where igbos represented can you tell me what they did for you? You says arewas are cattle rearers yes. But we are rearing igbos too cos we are the one feeding you.(maize,corns, onion, tomatos, yam, meat,etc even gari is from arewa(benue).and i am living in igbo land for many yrs, igbos are the most wicked, evil behind assasination,robbary,yahoo-yahoo.drugs trfcn etc. Thank god the chief BSS training officer was last week arrested whith robbery in anambra.and igbos are not religious, wear semi nude clothes,eat pork meat, drink beer.nawawo for you. even 24hrs will not be enough for me write on their bads sides. igbos education whithout moral training is nonse.

    • Did I just hear you say feeding the people(igbo).? Do you know the meaning of that word ? Bcos if you do you wouldn’t of used it. What northerners do is food supply and not feeding bcos they bought it with their hard earn money, it only become feeding when you people give it to them free of charge, which in this case is not, but, demand and supply shikena. By the way you sound bittered. Do yourself a favour and loosen up a bit bcos if you continue this way you may have a heart attack.

  7. dhame to you hamza,we have maize,tomatoes,yam.onoins,meat like chicken igbo goat ehi igbo,that is a form of cow in igbo land.garri is igbo name produce with casava which we have in aboundant,hausa only have untreated milk which they enjoy direct from cow breast ,we dont need hausa human meat,without your carrot igbo will survive what is the meaning of importation,there is Cameroon,Gabon,benue and others we can import carrot and other things our land cant produce,igbos dont parade their animal from state to state,we have a house were we keep animals and feed them,like bristish people do too,hausa are animal thats why they take their animal anywhere they go,moreover only elderly people have animal farm in igbo but all hausa youth and children are heardsmen,i will love to see biafra stand nothing like one Nigeria,hausa are illeterate blood suckers,i cant answer the same name with them jehovah for forbid.

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