Chacha Eke Faani Gives Birth To Baby Boy, Third Child (Photos)

chacha eke gives birth baby boy

Chacha Eke Faani Delivers Baby Boy, Third Child (Photos)

Nollywood actress Chacha Eke Faani is a mother once again.

The Nollywood beauty Queen who broke the news of her pregnancy on her official Instagram page yesterday has announced her delivery.

Chacha Eke and her husband, Austin Faani welcomed their first son (third child) today Friday the 10th of May 2019.

Fans and colleagues have been dropping them congratulatory messages since she broke the news few  hours ago.

Here is how the now mother of three broke the delivery news.

Eke and husband are now blessed with three kids, 2 girls and one boy.

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…God still blessing us…

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Congrats to the couple.

10 thoughts on “Chacha Eke Faani Gives Birth To Baby Boy, Third Child (Photos)

  1. I see no reason why she didn’t stop at 2. Quest for boy has pushed you into lifetime of stress.
    Every woman should be limited to 2 kids.

    • How much of your money or resources has been spent on any of her kids? So people cant even have children in their marriages in peace again? Is this how badly frustrated you are?

    • i wonder why people interfered in people’s devil came inform of human being, that’s why you are not resting.congratulation my love, am proud of you baby girl the one in the million.god’s blessinf will awlay follow you and your family

  2. Congratulations to your wonderful family Mr & Mrs Faani. May the blessing of the Lord continue to shower on the new born and his siblings. Amen

    • Congratulations Mr & Mrs Faani may the good Lord continue to bless you and your family and the new baby welcome to the world.

  3. Mr jude okorie why cant you mind your own business. Did she beg you for assistance to help her train her kids? Congrats dear

  4. Mr jude okorie if she decided to have ten children how is that your business has she ever run for assistance why can’t you leave her alone to do her own thing maybe when you get married you will have half child not even one because one is to much for you, Our price welcome to world jaare live bad belle people to go hug transfomar or better still crush by trailer, I arrest my case here thank you.

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