Chika Ike On Failed Marriage: “I Divorced My Husband To Find Happiness”

chika ike divorced husband

June 11, 2013 – Chika Ike On Failed Marriage: “I Divorced My Husband To Find Happiness”

Nollywood actress Chika Ike who recently finalized a long divorce case with her husband, Tony has come open on why she divorced him.

In this recent interview with Ebu Obi-Uchendu of Rubbin Minds, she said she abandoned her husband to find happiness.

Hear what she said below;

Well you get to a point in your life where you have to stop lying to yourself, you have to come terms with your person and tell yourself the truth. If it’s something that is working, it’s working and if it’s not, it’s not. I believe in something, I believe happiness is everything to me so I just had to take that decision because it wasn’t working and I just thought I should tell myself the truth.’

The actress has just moved into a multi-million naira mansion in Lekki area of Lagos state – view the pictures here.

29 thoughts on “Chika Ike On Failed Marriage: “I Divorced My Husband To Find Happiness”

  1. why not? you have finish the man,s money. with your own money now you can get yourself a younger guy.


  3. chika u remain one of my best actress i love to watch on screen iam indeed sad about this development,pls seek for divine intervention couse marrieage is an institution where u convercate and u dont graduate

  4. which peace ar u talkin about, it is now u no dat u will divorce him, dat house u bought is it u nd ur spiritual husband wil occupy it?

  5. in marriage..u are in to mk it work.y accept the proposals if u guys arent compatible ..women sef

  6. Why won’t u divorce ur husband? After sleeping around u now know that there’s no happiness in ur home. Pls put urself inside and keep quite.

  7. Marriage is not an institution of whatever thing is called God… it is a plan on men to keep women under their control, if someone is not happy as he/she should be in the relationship of marriage let him/her opt out! Kudos Chika you have your life to live, go and find your happiness where it is and don’t let who ever is not happy with your divorce go and commit suicide!

  8. @ Emman, I perfectly agree with you. You ëêèdon’t have to die because you want the world to believe that you are happy in your marriage. Marriage of these days is not what I believed it was meant to be. Men now destroyed the love and peace of their homes with their infidelity, they abuse their wives both verbally, physically and Emotional. How can her husband go and impregnate her friend just because she has not given him a Child and you expect her to continue living with such a man just because she doesn’t want the world to talk. What I say to some ladies that normally open their mouth to talk rubbish about failed homes is for you to wait and get married first before you can judge. Marriage now is a military barrack for some ladies due to the way their husbands matreat them.

  9. No mind her.She left her husband for david mark.Who does she think she’s fooling.very soon,you guys will hear her ex-hubby’s version

  10. cant u all just sit and think for once anyways am into it so i understand wat she is saying,see ladies in the house dont just feel the man u married will remain the same for life,men changes anytime they like who knws if the guy is always goin abt carrying are not there with her dont judge her with wat u hear abt her go close to her then you knw wat she is tryin to explain am sure u dnt expect her to tell evrytin to the world. anyways chika ike i adviced u put all in Gods hands cos where u r actually goin to u dnt knw wat u might still face there dearie

  11. Chika how i wished u would have kept ur marriage from colapsing. Marriage is an institution that has certificate without expiring date. So note that no matter hw rich u are, u cannot find happiness else where until u are under the control of a good husband. Although in ur own case, especially in this picture your ex-hubby looks so Igbotic and unromantic, may be is one of the factors that made ur marriage colapse. But only God knows, anyway I wish u all d best.

  12. Make una fr3 d chick jaree, she z a normal human lyk m nd u. Dat’s how u haters go abt bullying our celebs onlyn. Mariage z not a solitary confinement, if it aint workin, quit b4 u die. I luv u ma sista. Kip on rokin. Haters u can go nd show dat transfoma in ua nebohud some luv.

  13. chika only God knows d reason y u divoiced him, am nt they 2 say, u own ur life but remeba dt even d bible condemn divoice. Their r oda way 2 hundle d issue rather than divoice. Anyway follow ur mind my dear. “He who pt on shoe knw where his feeling pains”

  14. yes why wont she leave him. now dat she has gotten anoda man all this gals r just cheat and fake tins african woamen are easily bought with painted papers u can get them she has suceeded in ruing that man and now she want to get a politician ……shameless tin they are all proud of it this days insted of them to be ashamed dat they can not save and secure their marriage i hate u all screen whore

  15. All i know is dat God HATE divource lets be careful before we choose spouse plz i advice she pray hard and return to her husband nobody is above mistake u can still find happiness in ur home if u want.

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