Chinedu Ikedieze Aki Fights Twitter Fan Who Calls Him A Short Man

chinedu ikedieze called a short man

August 12, 2013 – Chinedu Ikedieze Aki Fights Twitter Fan Who Calls Him A Short Man

Nollywood actor Chinedu Ikedieze popularly called Aki recently engaged in a hot war of words with a fan who called him a short man on Twitter.

A Twitter user with handle @soulchinny in a recent tweet said;

@Edukapo my shortest boss… I hail you full time.”

Edukapo is the official Twitter handle of Aki.

The actor who obviously didn’t not find the word shortest boss funny instantly sent a warning message back to the fan.

In the message, Aki said he will ban him the time time he calls him short.

@SoulChinny next time you address like that, #shortestboss, I’ll block you. Be careful” Chinedu replied.

Aki chinedu ikedieze twitter

This man you are calling a short man is aged.

On the 12th of December 2013, the actor will turn 36.

Keep in mind fans, Aki doesn’t like being addressed as a short man.

27 thoughts on “Chinedu Ikedieze Aki Fights Twitter Fan Who Calls Him A Short Man

  1. D guy jux find it funny callinq him a shOrt bOss nOt an insult,,,,am a shOrt quy,wen ppl call me that am happy with dat… Ppl like m.i like it wen de call him shOrt black man,, d black shOrt bOy came cOnquer ..

  2. Yes Aki knows he’s short so stop reminding him. We all know he is so funny but now that he is serious, respect that. If he says addressing him in such matter is insulting then pls stop it, he is not a small boy, he is a married man and a father. So pls call yourself back to order.

  3. Mr chinaedu Ikedieze (AKI) you are a star and your family is proud of u as well as other familys whom u have brough joy and happiness in there lives by your funny act your name is ringing bell all over the world. we love u. If i where u i will act more funny things on the issue. and make more money. then taking you time to listing to 1 man insult. where as world wide love you millions. pls forgive him and focus.

  4. @ Chibuzormmadu, you are the best on this! I agree with your opinion 100%.
    But fellow brothers and sisters, lets do onto others what we would want them do us.
    Respect is reciprocal.
    God bless you all!

  5. Respect is much needed, do not address someone by his or her appearance, it’s totally irrespectable.

  6. Yes indeed,we say that acceptance is a first role for all! but if we look about human rights, it says, everybody has a right to have a name as an Identity meaning that calling him short man is insult because he has got his own name(Mr Chinedu) this one has also a right to appreciate his name as we all do. letors respect one another.

  7. my guy ur shortness has brought u famous and you should proud of it as we ur fans are proud of u.ask the guy what has is tallness brought him?u are born star.

  8. Mr Aki no mind them,had it been u grew tall,u couldn’t have bn so famous! U be wonderful creature by God

  9. pls gve respect 2 whom respect is due, who kall chinedu ikedieze shrt man dat means u kall God cos he is image of God so b warn u dat person

  10. We shud mind hw we tok to pple,ds guy dt u called short man s nt d 1 dt creat himself,GOD KWS d reasn y he brought him to ds world so b kiaful

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