Clay Adler Is Dead: Ex-MTV Reality TV Show Star Commits Suicide During Shooting Trip In The Desert

clay adler suicide desert

April 12, 2017 – Clay Adler Is Dead: Newport Harbor Stars Attempts Suicide In Desert, Dies Of Self Inflicted Gunshot Wound In Hospital

Former MTV Reality TV Show Newport Harbor Star Commits Suicide During Shooting Trip In The Desert 

Popular TV star Clay Adler has died.

According to Police report, Adler who had battled mental health issue in the past opened fire on himself during a shooting exercise in the desert on Sunday the 25th of March 2017.

clay adler dead

He was said to be with friends on the day of the incident. Police revealed that Adler turned the gun on his head and pulled the trigger while they were about firing at targets, .

He was rushed to the hospital where he died about 24 hours later.

Sourced revealed that he wasn’t under the influence of drug or alcohol at the time he committed suicide.

The deceased appeared in the two seasons of MTV show, Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County.

His father Frank Adler said his son who had been clean for several years didn’t show any sign that he was about to take his own life. He added that his family was able to spend some time with him on his death bed before he breathe his last breath.

Frank said the hospital kept Clay Adler longer so he could donate his organs to save lives.

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  1. Why are you all so ******? It’s said that he’s been battling with a mental health problem.why all this devil and die for nothing tin? Typical Nigeria attitude. No wonder many are facing and dying in Nigeria without anyone helping them…instead una go say na igbo or madness. Do u Nigerians know depression and mental illness is real? ***** everywhere!!!

  2. hmmmmmm nigerians claim to be sooo religious but all na wash.Someone have been battling with mental illness for years and all you guys can come up with is devil,hell.No wonder people are jumping into the lagoon because no one cares.Atleast he donated his vital organs to save lives.some with their vital organs intact it’s still straight to the devil and hell.RIP Adler.

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