Coalition For Patriotism In Nigeria COPIN Warns Prof Wole Soyinka Against Patience Jonathan “Refrain From Outburst Against The First Lady”


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July 14, 2013 – Coalition For Patriotism In Nigeria COPIN Warns Prof Wole Soyinka Against Patience Jonathan “Refrain From Outburst Against The First Lady”

The Nigerian Nobel Prize winner for Literature, Professor Wole Soyinka was born on 13th July 1934. He turns 79 today but the Coalition for Patriotism in Nigeria (COPIN) will not be sharing the festive mood with the Nobel Laureate.

COPIN, a civil society organization founded in 1979 has been working tirelessly to inspire a sense of pride and patriotism in Nigeria and especially among the Nigerian youth. The Coalition is mindful that much work still needs to be accomplished in this direction. However, the recent statements of Professor Wole Soyinka about the political developments in the nation and particularly comments on the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, retrogresses efforts being made by COPIN and other well meaning organizations and individual to promote the good in our country and its leaders.

It is incorrect, ill-advised and unfortunate for Professor Soyinka to use a press conference, which he calls the “State of Nation Address” to attack the First Lady. It sends a wrong message to Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora. It also defames us as a country before the international community. We hope that this was not the intention of Prof. Soyinka

One of the cardinal objectives of the Coalition is to offer advice to Nigerians in a way that promotes peace, harmony and dignity in Nigeria. The Professor should emulate our coalition in this regard.

Professor Soyinka should be calling for peace in Rivers State and pleading for all the actors in the State Assembly to show restraint. An elder statesman should not be adding petrol to fire by taking sides and involving the name of the First Lady in the squabbles.

If the Nobel Laureate wants to offer advice to the First Family or the First Lady, there are more polite and dignified methods he can use.

We urge the Prof. to refrain from any further outbursts against the First Lady of our nation. We in the Coalition respect the institutions of our nation.

At the age of 79 the coalition would like to see the Nobel Laureate use his age and intellect to promote peace and patriotism in our dear fatherland.

Please Prof. demonstrate restraint when you talk about the First Lady of a nation.


Ahmed Sule – President, Coalition for Patriotism in Nigeria

Noso Kennedy – Secretary, Coalition for Patriotism in Nigeria

Barr. Pam Israel – Legal Advisor, Coalition for Patriotism in Nigeria

Question For COPIN?

Are these folks trying to tell Wole Soyinka to stop voicing his opinion?

What happened to freedom of speech?