Customer Murders Businessman In Warri Delta State To Avoid Payment, Buries Body In Shallow Grave

The deceased

August 26, 2016 – Customer Murders Businessman In Warri Delta State To Avoid Payment, Buries Body In Shallow Grave

A Port Harcourt-based  businessman, identified simply as Ogbaire, has allegedly murdered his supplier, Lawrence Okoh, and buried his body in a shallow grave in Warri, Delta State.

Okoh, a native of Ubulu-Uku in Aniocha South Local Government Area of the state, left his Port Harcourt business outfit to supply generator spare parts to a customer in Warri.

After the supply on August 2, Okoh, fondly called Law, did not return home and police declared him missing. The deceased had, earlier that day, sent a text message to his wife that he would not make it back to Port Harcourt and that he would pass the night with his customer in Warri.

His wife contacted the customer, who claimed that he knew the deceased very well, but that he did not see him for over a period of time.

The police raided the spare parts market in Warri where the wife was able to identify some of the parts her husband left with on the fateful day.

The shop owner, where the parts were found, took the police to the person who supplied them. The suspect was the one who told Okoh’s wife that he had not seen her husband in a long while.

Ogbaire allegedly confessed to the police that he murdered Okoh and buried him in a shallow grave in an uncompleted building to avoid paying him for the spare parts he supplied him.

A senior police officer in Warri said Okoh’s decomposing body had been exhumed and released to the family in Ubulu- Uku for burial.


11 thoughts on “Customer Murders Businessman In Warri Delta State To Avoid Payment, Buries Body In Shallow Grave

  1. This is barbaric! You murdered someone because you don’t want to pay him for his services and goods? This is mere wickedness. May the soul of the man rip.

  2. Lord have mercy!
    The world has ended already!
    RIP Lawrence.
    God did not allow your murderer to go unpunished.
    Friends, always disclose your whereabouts & drop contacts of whomever you want to see to close ones before leaving the house to avoid stories that touch.

  3. God! people has become beast they no longer have human feeling.. this man should be cut into pieces and fried..
    #clueless human

  4. chai wickedness,its so bad now that can’t trust anybody even your own blood at times.You were supplied with goods but don’t want to pay.instead of arranging installmental payment you take the man’s live and his goods! something for nothing mentality, how does he sleep at night? You will rot in jail.
    RIP to the deceased .

  5. “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jer 17:9. May God protect us from evil men.

  6. WE SHOULD always let our people know our movements like this. My younger brother once felt that it belittled him to disclose his movements whenever he was asked. I had to almost drive it into his head before he saw the wisdom in it. You never know who are devils these days.

  7. This is evil. Very bad. Money is evil and the love of money leads to killing and death. May the soul of this handsome RIP and may your killer die in jail.

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