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Daddy Freeze: The Deceptive Voice Against The Church Of God

daddy freeze deceptive voice

By Nneka Okumazie

Daddy Freeze seems to be the smartest Nigerian. His sole enlightenment is against the Church. To him all his opinions are right; everything he says is a fact. Daddy Freeze cannot be wrong. He knows more than everybody. Nobody can correct him. No one can advise him. Daddy Freeze is one of a kind intelligence who cannot contrive anything else, only to attack Churches and Pastors because to him, the biggest problems in Nigeria are Churches.

Daddy Freeze has been teaching the Bible online. He believes he understand the Bible more than everyone. Daddy Freeze can say what is sin or not, and so be it. Smoking, drinking, etc., are not sin. To Daddy Freeze, all General Overseers in Nigeria are fake. Churches in Nigeria should do the work of the government; they should fight poverty, build roads and bridges, give employment and collect no offerings.

To Daddy Freeze, the reason Nigeria is not developed is because of the proliferation of churches; in his fact, if all churches in Nigeria vanish, Nigeria will suddenly develop. OK, maybe he’s saying so because he has achieved so much in his life, built so many businesses, given jobs to people, contributed to Nigeria’s development, worked on transcendent projects, has several radio stations and known across Africa for his brilliance.


Not even close.

Daddy Freeze is a radio presenter who has so many wrong opinions and operates freely because nobody takes the time to pick his opinions apart to expose him for his hollowness. He had called Pastor Adeboye of RCCG Church names, same with Bishop Oyedepo of Winners Chapel. Daddy Freeze is stirring up great anger against the Church, making his followers forget that Nigeria’s underdevelopment is a catastrophe and Church hate is worthless to the development Nigeria desperately needs.

Whoever chooses to pay tithe with their money is their business. Whoever chooses to go to church for their own reason is their business. Whoever understands the bible, teaching righteousness and obeying the Almighty GOD is their business. But for someone somewhere to tell you what you should do with your money, or not go to church, or what sin is sin or not sin, or what Pastor is true or not, is the ultimate contumely.

Daddy Freeze appears to be an attention seeker. His opinions on Big Brother Nigeria, Black Panther, etc., are examples of his knowledge rooted outside church subjects and his asininity.

Church gives him the highest attention and popularity. So he continues to dig. What does Daddy Freeze think about internet fraud, so pervasive in Nigeria that it is normal? Maybe Daddy Freeze would say it is not sin. What is his opinion of direct and indirect prostitution of many young women, available at a fee, either as non-hookers or hookers across Nigeria?

What is his opinion on the dangerous underdevelopment of Nigeria? What does Daddy Freeze think about entertainment in Nigeria, with so many useless songs, foolish lyrics, vulgar dances, tasteless jokes, thoughtless movies, mediocre sports performances, etc.?

What does Daddy Freeze think about the lending rates and interest rates of banks to SMEs in Nigeria? What does Daddy Freeze think about aligning the Nigerian stock exchange towards more foreign corporations listing? What does Daddy Freeze think about sham quality mobile phones in Nigeria? What does Daddy Freeze think about the bad network of some telecommunication companies in many places? What does Daddy Freeze think about bank debit at ATMs without getting cash? What does Daddy Freeze think about how to grow exports and manufacturing in Nigeria? What does Daddy Freeze think about NEPA?

Daddy Freeze emphasizes the church of God as the main problem of Nigeria. That thinking is so obtuse. Taxes are not paid to the church. The agenda of the church of GOD is the kingdom of GOD and mostly the “go ye into the world” command, not development. Just like people say banks and other businesses are for profit and whatever CSR they do, they do; so are churches for the kingdom of GOD and optional social stuff.

What has Daddy Freeze achieved in his life? What has he done? In this recent era where all kinds of radio stations have sprung, with low quality contents and studios, where pittance are received and mosquitoes infested; Daddy Freeze remains under paid employment at Cool FM, a has-been station dumped for newer and trendy ones by majority of listeners.

Daddy Freeze is the voice against the Church of GOD, a force for change and transformation of lives. Daddy Freeze is not for the church, never has. Daddy Freeze and his underlings pore through messages and look for what to pick apart for criticism. What has the church done to this gate of hell whose mission had already failed?

There are false prophets and beguiler teachings, and those who on purpose do, will be judged and condemned by Christ Jesus. Many Pastors in Nigeria are honest to God, and there are many true churches of God.

If they preach prosperity or preach poverty, the Almighty God is holy. Holiness matters more to Him.

The agreement of many with Daddy Freeze is because they want to agree, not because some of them do not understand that this dishonour talks a load of rubbish. The Holy Spirit will convict the world of sin, not Daddy Freeze’s animadverts.



  1. king of the free

    April 17, 2018 at 4:30 PM

    The Autor if this article is one of the lost ships talked about,
    the voice of opposition should be heard cos he has a right to his own opinion,
    Money mongering churches have no christ in it, there was a reason through the life of christ collection of tithes nor offerings was never mentioned as an act of Christ nor his disciples.

    Poverty has become the business of every Nigerian, as every agent engineering, aiding or abating poverty like the afore mentioned churches and their Men of god must be fought to a stand still.
    The Nigerian population deserve to know the truth( salvation possible to everyone who recieves christ) not at any price.

  2. Omo omokaro

    April 17, 2018 at 4:51 PM

    daddy freeze is just an attention seeker

  3. Mon

    April 18, 2018 at 6:55 AM

    The tune of your write up says it all,either you are benefiting from all their sham teaching in the name of GOD or you are a victim.

    To you, Daddy Freeze is nobody,therefore nobody should listen to him but you will be comfortable to listen to someone who openly said that if you don’t pay tithe,you will not make heaven, take your anger somewhere else and leave Daddy Freeze alone.

  4. David irabor

    November 9, 2018 at 7:00 PM

    Daddy Freeze, is a frustrated failure…He has not proofs so he does not have a point.He is not in the class of the Men of God he criticizes.The people he is criticizing were on their bended knees praying and studying while he was frolicking with women of easy virtues,now the daylight has suddenly broken…Only fools and the ignorant listens to a chartered failure,who can’t stand to see his mates being blessed.Well I would rather follow those men of God to hell fire, than follow the so called daddy Freeze to heaven.The men he is castigating has proofs and if you don’t have proofs you don’t have a point.I will gladly pay my tithes to God,cos I’m in a covenant relationship with God and I would give billions to churches for kingdom Advancement.its too late for failures like daddy Frozen brain to tell me or the people in the church what to do with our money.I would rather pay tithes to church and fail than not to pay and succeed.As for me it’s my destiny to be a billionaire in dollars for kingdom Advancement

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