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Dino Melaye Threatens To Send Kogi Governor Yahaya Bello To Jail, Nigerians Come After Him

dino melaye yahaya bello

Senator Dino Melaye released the remix of his Ajeku Iya video targeting his rival , Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state yesterday.

Instead of receiving praise like he did with the Original Ajeku Iya video, he was heavily criticized yesterday for promoting hate and engaging in political rivalry.

Watch the video below and responses from some Nigerians after

brownie_gold1 – Seriously speaking, is this the best we can get in this Country, in fact I keep asking myself how do we as a Nation get here..? Just imagine your leaders fighting over Supremacy and our nation is sinking, imagine a kettle calling a pot black, Yahaya will go to Jail and You @dinomelaye will go on Exile abi, is a pity, I hope and pray God will come to our rescue some day..
Oyebankky maybe he doesn’t know all these comedy skits are irritating and childish. I used to be a fan of him saying the truth even when he has not really performed to expectations in his constituency.this kind of skits makes you wonder how he got to that

fataisadiq Very disgusting! With this kind of character as senator, Nigeria is in serious trouble.

owokins@oyebankky …. Seriously am still bewildered by his idiosyncratic display can’t figure it out. Dont know where those cockamammy songs are coming from.

akinfemiben This is a senator of Nigeria that earn N13.5M monthly.Nigerians that he is robbing on a daily basis are praising him because he is displaying nuisance about his Co thieves.Dino Melaye,Yahaya Bello should never contest any election in this great country again.this are people that Nigerian youths should send to jail by coming out enmasse and reject them all.

officialmelvin My man Dino… please come out for presidential election next year I will vote for u and even campaign for u… u be man… as in real Man… @dinomelaye boss boss

rashyjonez All of u are all thieves.. We have comedians as politicians , what do we do to deserve this O God?

goldmyneforreal You’re disgusting arrogant approach lokan abi? Some leaders that can still make do with home training. Oh Nigeria! How did we get here?!

richtobi316Is this the best we can get in Nigeria???? Chaiii!

mydelawal@owokins When Good Men shun Politics .. Thugs and Scoundrels rules the Society

engrusmann Free money can sometimes makes an individual gone mad

owokins @emmall4real …. olagbaraooo.. its high time we take governance back from these bunch of rogues/cenzos. Else, i see the ship of the Nigeria nation bathing in a pestilential aqua.

owokins But how on earth did a disgruntled clown like this became a Senator in a state where u have the likes of Babajide Kolade Otitoju of @tvcconnect …Ehen! How?

yekinniayotunde@owokins i watched this video earlier today and i felt sorry for Nigeria if this is actually what a law maker should be doing…

segunsopitan – This is so shameful. Disgraceful. A reflection of the barbaric state of our political space. Don’t you have friends that can advice you? Grow up man. You should conduct yourself more decorously in public

kelvinwawu – Omg what’s this and this old fool is a senator in this country.. cos I’m very sure this bastard his still eyeing another political post in this country.I cry for the future of this country.

God help Nigeria.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mon

    March 22, 2018 at 7:11 AM

    All these thugs occupy where brilliant young men and women with reasons and creative minds should be and move things around, this is one of the tactics they are using to divide the youths………how can Nigeria be better?

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