Don Wani’s Corpse Unveiled: Soldiers Killed Omoku Mass Killings Mastermind While Fleeing Enugu

don wani killed

January 7, 2018 – Dreaded Militant Don Wanny’s Dead Body Unveiled: How Omoku New Year Day Mass Killings Mastermind Was Shot Dead In Enugu

How Don Waney, Mastermind Of New Year’s Day Killings In Omoku Rivers State Was Killed By Soldiers & DSS Operatives At His Apartment In Enugu

The corpse of notorious cult leader, Igwedibia Johnson aka Don Waney (also called Don Wani) has been uploaded online by the Nigerian military hours after he was shot dead alongside his two lieutenants in Enugu.

The militants leader who went back to his old ways after signing amnesty deal with Rivers state government was declared wanted after his boys allegedly opened fire on worshipers on New Year’s day in his birth place of Omoku Rivers state. He was killed by soldiers and DSS operatives who have been on his trail since the bloody attack that killed 17 innocent residents of Omoku in Rivers state on Monday.

On Sunday, soldiers unveiled his corpse and that of his two aides in Port Harcourt as a confirmation for doubting thomases.

Don Wani was killed yesterday when he took to his heels the moment security operatives invaded his apartment in Enugu. He reportedly attempted to escape through the back door when eagle-eyed security operatives fatally gunned him down.

don wani dead bodydon wanny dead body

Rivers State Police has threatened to go after over 1500 Don Wani cult members still hiding in different part of the country and bring them to justice.

9 thoughts on “Don Wani’s Corpse Unveiled: Soldiers Killed Omoku Mass Killings Mastermind While Fleeing Enugu

  1. Don Waney has terrorized innocent people of Onelga for years now. Nemesis has finally caught up with him. He is now the exalted king of the damned in hell”… let him rot forever and may the souls he has killed torment him in hell.

  2. We never heard of any Don Waney until after he was murdered by government force. This is why Kanu called us zoo, why wasn’t this Don Waney given a fair hearing before bring murdered? He may be a victim of government operatives. But God is on the throne

    • If a member of ur family or probably your father or mother or any of your love one you won’t have had the mind to demand for this fair hearing

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