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I Don’t Love My Wife Anymore – Businessman Tells Court

i don't love my wife anymore

I Stopped Loving My Wife Because Of Her Troublesome Nature – Businessman

An Ibadan-based tyre dealer, Moruf Gbolagade, on Tuesday told a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan that he consented to part ways with his estrange wife, Sekinat, because “she is a street fighter.“

Countering his wife’s earlier allegation of incessant battering and irresponsibility, Moruf told the court that he was provoked to stop loving his wife because of her troublesome nature.

“I concluded that I would no longer love Sekinat again due to the numerous disgrace and insult she had brought on me and my extended family.

“If Sekinat is not fighting with our neighbours in the house, she will be insulting my parents and instigating problems in the neighbourhood.

“During the 2018 Ramadan fast, Sekinat went as far as six streets, away from ours, to cause trouble such that I was summoned to a meeting of landlord association.

“In fact, she also fought at that meeting.

“Most of the time at work, people call me that Sekinat is fighting somewhere and even during the just concluded Ramadan fast.

“Despite all my efforts on her, Sekinat keeps disobeying my instructions.

`“Worst still, she has joined a gang of rascally women who have no integrity in the community, to create unrest.

“This is the reason why she now lives like a hooligan, leaving home at noon and returning only in the dead of the night.

“My lord, Sekinat hasn’t got the character to train the children, please, don’t give her the children’s custody,” Moruf begged.

However, the plaintiff had maintained that she was merely managing to survive as a result of her husband’s wickedness to her.

“My lord, my 20 years of marriage to Moruf has been a waste because there is virtually nothing I know how to do in Moruf’s home.

“None of his relatives want to see me.

“Moruf suddenly stopped eating any food that I prepared and also refused to give the children and I money for sustenance.

“Besides, he has been accusing me of consulting witch doctors for the purpose of trying to kill him.

“I have been solely responsible for the children’s education,” Sekinat explained.

All the people who testified for either party firmly requested the court to dissolve the marriage.

In his observation, Chief Ademola Odunade, the court’s President, advised parents to stop meddling in their children’s marital lives.

Odunade added that parents who erroneously supported the collapse of their children’s marriage would definitely share their children’s agony.

“In the interest of peaceful living, the union between Sekinat and Moruf has ceased to be.

“The custody of the five children produced by the union is awarded to Sekinat and Maroof shall pay N20, 000 as monthly feeding allowance for the children’s upkeep.

“Moruf is also to be responsible for their education and other welfare.

”He shall pay N12, 000 to enable the mother and the five children rent a year apartment,” he said.




  1. Fifelomo

    June 19, 2019 at 5:52 AM

    Hmmm, no more love and faults will keep coming from both ends.

  2. Jilo

    June 19, 2019 at 6:35 PM

    They are better off being separated because there is no more love between them. The love that that guy had for his wife has completely gone due to constant fighting and misbehaving of his wife. She can now go back to her full time job and continue to do what she knows best to do. This woman will soon realize importance of a caring man.

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