Doris Simeon: I Care Less About Stella Damasus, All That Matters To Me Is The Well Being Of My Son

doris simeon stella damasus

September 7, 2016 – Doris Simeon: I Care Less About Stella Damasus, All The Matters To Me Is The Well Being Of My Son & His Father

Nollywood actress Doris Simeon recently threw a jab at Nollywood actress Stella Damasus, the alleged serial bed-hopper who reportedly ruined  her marriage.

While confirming her marital status, Doris Simeon says she is still legally married to Daniel Ademinokan.

Hear what the actress said when asked why she is yet to fully tell her own side of the husband-snatching story.

I think my people should focus more on the positive things I am doing in society and what I’m doing for myself and them. I’m well and alive, so is my son and of course, my ex [husband]. That is all that matters to me.

15 thoughts on “Doris Simeon: I Care Less About Stella Damasus, All That Matters To Me Is The Well Being Of My Son

  1. Wetin womens are do their follow womens is not dey good. Red, wetin do you think? I am also like to know wetin Big Anty Koks is think, also, wetin Ms Eranko is think for this matter.

    • Dear Bench I think Daniel or daniella is the causer of it.
      He tiffing small infant from biological mom and giving infant to stepping mothering to trainship him.

      Daniel = cowards
      Stella =bedsharer, no shameing in eyes and head
      Doris=good housewifeing.

      Anyway, stella,the nanny,you’re just helping Doris bring up her kid while she’s making money.
      That child will be the one to kick you out of his dad’s house and bring back his mom if she’s still available. Mark my words sweetie.
      Good good senior housekeeper. Cos that’s what you’re dear.

      • Red, you was say it all. You are sabi something pass away many pipul for here. In fat, you are the sabiest woman for here. Are you smoke igbo? Bicos is only igbo is make persin to sabi something like this. Are you marry?

  2. See? That how a matured mind thinks. Honesly, this man has missed a lot.

    Moral: Never take people who genuinely care about you for granted. Hold them close to your heart bcos, one day, you might just wake up only to realise that you‘ve lost a Diamond while you were too busy collecting STONES.

    Still strolling…

  3. Doris Simeon shld just leave that husband snatcher alone d more she talks abt her the more attention Stella get. move on, ur real man will locate u.

  4. God Almighty will take your husband back for you. I don’t know how but I know nothing is impossible for God to do. Just prayer, I can see you still love you husband.

  5. na wao… our nollywood industry dan turn battle field if we don’t hear cases of divorce then it going to be snatching…chai!!!

  6. Doris, you are a very strong woman. Mercy of God will locate you and perfect all that concerns you. No douth you still have feelings for that mango head. If truly he’s yours, hope he comes back on time. Time waits for no one.

  7. Atta Girl ! Well said. Put your life on course with dignity and focus on the future which whether we cry over spilt milk or not, will take care of itself. All the best to you!

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