Ecobank Sacked 147 Workers; Diamond Bank Fired 2000 Staff

diamond bank laid off workersJibril Aku Ecobank MD (L), Alex Otti Diamond Bank MD(R)

May 29, 2013 – Ecobank Sacked 147 Workers; Diamond Bank Fired 2000 Staff

As as the time of this report, thousands of bankers in Nigeria are out of jobs.

We learnt two top trouble banks, Ecobank and Diamond bank plc have laid off thousands of their workers.

In early May, over 147 staff were sacked from Ecobank after they’re tagged as non-performing workers.

The laid off employees of the Ecobank find the non-performing label offensive and have vowed to sue the bank.

In another development, Diamond bank have fired 2000 staff over low patronage.

The sacked employees of Diamond bank were not given any notice…They were surprised to hear that the bank no longer needs their service.

The employees stormed the premises of Diamond bank in Abuja on May 15th to protest their lay off.

There is nothing like having a business of your own in any country you find yourself.

Hope those workers can find something to sustain themselves in the main time.

10 thoughts on “Ecobank Sacked 147 Workers; Diamond Bank Fired 2000 Staff

  1. this is not just fair! When are these sacked staff going to get another job? The country is already replet with high spat of unemployment. God pls help us in this country!

  2. This is too much,diamond 2000 sacked,Ecobank 147 workers sacked,i wonder what could have lead to this sacking of it without noticification,God help those bankers.This is truely unfair and injustice to humanity.

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