Eiye & Aye Cult Clash Kills 2, Injures 10 In Owo Ondo State

cult clash owo ondo state

March 21, 2016 – Eiye & Aye Cult Clash Kills 2, Injures Over 10 In Owo Ondo State

Commotion was the order of the day in Owo area of Ondo State over the weekend when two rival cult groups clashed, leaving two persons dead and several others injured.

The invasion of the town by the cultists triggered violence in major areas of the town, including Ogbonmo, Oke dogbon and Idaniken.

According to eyewitnesses, the two rival cult groups engaged in a shoot-out at Saint James Primary School located at Oke-dogbon area of the town, leading to the death of a man popularly called ‘B-malt,’ who was a dealer in shoes and assorted wares.Sources further disclosed that another man identified as Ojo Lawrence, was killed during the violent clash, with many others sustaining serious injuries.

Ojo, who was alleged to be a member of Eiye confraternity, was reportedly killed by members of a rival cult group at Idaniken area of the town.

It, however, took the intervention of the Army and Police personnel before the situation was brought under control.


15 thoughts on “Eiye & Aye Cult Clash Kills 2, Injures 10 In Owo Ondo State

  1. My question is, what are these cultist gaining from all these killing and fighting. RIP those dead and those injured, quick recovery.

  2. yes Metu, he brought this upon this nation and now both literate and illiterate jobless fellows now embrace it for the wrong reason

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