Empress Njamah Reportedly Pregnant Out Of Wedlock

empress njamah pregnant

September 15, 2016 – Empress Njamah Reportedly Pregnant Out Of Wedlock

If the reports coming  from Nollywood camp is anything to go by, our dear Empress Njamah may soon become a baby mama.

A source told us today that she saw the actress with a huge baby bump at a function over the weekend.

We will keep this under watch and give you more update later.

11 thoughts on “Empress Njamah Reportedly Pregnant Out Of Wedlock

  1. What are Nigerian Men doing, this beautiful and well behaved young woman should be married to someone very responsible

    • You sound like you really know her very well. What about if she made that decision herself? There must be a reason for her to do just that.

  2. Congrats Dear. She did the right thing. You your boyfriend is not ready for marriage just get pregnant and have your adorable baby. Time not dey wait for woman

  3. @joyful our one and only sharp mama i love the way you do give your advice sha.

    Congrat ma!

    #clueless human

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