Married Pakistani Woman & Boyfriend Murdered For Adultery, Husband & Father Arrested

pakistani woman murdered adultery

September 15, 2016 – Married Pakistani Woman & Boyfriend Murdered For Adultery…Husband & Father Arrested For Honour Killings

A mother of 3 has been executed in Pakistani for allegedly having an extra marital affair.

According to police report, 28-year-old  Khalida Bibi and her 19-year-old boyfriend Mukhtiar Muhammad were murdered today in the village of Chak.

The two were hanged from a tree today as police blamed her father, brother and husband for carrying out the honour killings.

Bibi and Mukhtiar were caught having a date at the backyard of Bibi’s husband house in Chak and the two confessed to the the crime when Bibi’s husband reported the affair to her family.

The two were reportedly beaten before being strung up in the tree and hanged.

All the parties involved in the senseless murder have been arrested.

6 thoughts on “Married Pakistani Woman & Boyfriend Murdered For Adultery, Husband & Father Arrested

  1. without further delay everyone involved in this should be executed also..
    Adultery is bad (agreed) but why will killing be the punishment for it.. why not sort things out or better still go for divorce. If any religion or custom is responsible for this act then such religion or custom is totally bad.

    #clueless human

  2. WELL, AT LEAST A GUY IS a victim of this honour killing case. Before now, it appeared that the devilish practice was deviced to punish women exclusively.

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