Enugu State Governor Chime & His Thugs Are Killers – Abdullahi Yunusa

enugu state governor killer thugs

Nov 1st, 2013 – Enugu State Governor Sullivan Chime & His Thugs Are Killers – Abdullahi Yunusa

Governor Chime, it is wise you retrace your steps to families you have offended, directly or indirectly and plead for forgiveness.

Sincerely speaking, I hold no personal grudge against Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State, but I unapologetically belong to the league of those who are of the view that Chime’s past are largely responsible for the truckloads, basket-full and lorry-loads of challenges competing for his soul at present.

At the risk of passing judgment on Chime, he needs urgent help from God.

He is battling with his failing health and at the moment, his wife and First Lady of Enugu state, Clara Chime, who has cried out for help, claim to have been under house arrest for several months now.

This is the sad story of a man on whose frail shoulders rest the collective destinies of indigenes of Enugu State.

I still recall with deep grief when, in 2007, Governor Chime’s overzealous aides rained live bullets on innocent, peaceful and law-abiding undergraduates of Kogi State University, KSU, Anyigba.

The students, numbering about 50, were, that fateful morning, holding a peaceful protest to draw government’s attention to the increasing number of students who were daily knocked down by reckless drivers plying the Anyigba-Ankpa-Enugu Road. Regrettably, instead of getting reprieve, sorrow, tears and blood became the song on their lips as two of the protesting students, Mohammad Meyanga and another whose name I cannot  recall now, died from the gunshot wounds they both sustained.

This is not a tale. It happened before my eyes.

The question is, what was Governor or Emperor Chime’s reaction?

Your guess is as good as mine. He silenced his conscience and hurriedly drove off, leaving the students to bury their dead colleagues.

As usual, our then barely literate Governor or ‘Governor No Problem’, Ibrahim Idris, promised to investigate the gruesome act perpetrated by his fellow Governor. As you read through these lines – this is six years after- no arrest, no report- nothing has been done to get justice for these youngsters murdered in their prime.

The little I knew about Meyanga, who until his death was a year three Banking and Finance student in KSU, is that he was the first child and the hope of his widowed mother.  I also understand that he was an indigene of Egume, an ancient town in Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi.

Those very close to the family said Meyanga was all the poor widow had on earth, so she did her best to ensure that he got a university education. Sadly, her dream of seeing her son ceremoniously bid farewell to KSU Campus upon graduation was aborted by Chime’s aides who masqueraded as security guards.

This is one case I expect well meaning rights activists to take up, and ensure that Emperor Chime and his thugs are made to face the consequences of their actions.

This is a big challenge to all qualified, sound and competent law graduates from Kogi State University, Anyigba; institute legal action against Chime  and his thugs. He must not be allowed to go scot free.

I wish to equally call on the Idris Wada led government of Kogi State to revisit this issue. An injury to one is injury to all.

Chime, while you are still battling with your self-inflicted problems, it is wise you retrace your steps to families you have offended, directly or indirectly and plead for forgiveness.

It is possible; for you still employ the same power in your hands to dry the cascading and endless tears on the face of Meyanga’s poor mother and other families you have visited horror on. The clock is ticking.

About the author: Abdullahi Yunusa, a writer from Imane, Kogi State.