Ex-Benue Governor Arrested By DSS, Gabriel Suswam Still Languishing In Detention

governo suswam dss custody

April 4, 2017 – Former Benue Governor Arrested By DSS Still Languishing In DSS Custody As Allies Press Hard For His Bail

After spending over 4 weeks in DSS custody, former Benue State Governor Gabriel Suswam is still unable to get bail.

We learnt that his lawyer Mr J.B Daudu arrived Abuja from Kaduna on Monday to press for his bail.

The DSS is still investigating the ex-governor for alleged link with a militia leader, Terwaze Akwazza (a.k.a Gana) who has held three local governments (Logo, Katsina-Ala and Ukum) captive in Benue State.

The continued detention of the former governor is said to be for “security reasons.”

The recent invasion of Zaki-Biam by unknown militia was said to have fuelled the decision of the DSS to hold on to Suswam.

Some supporters of the ex-governor, however, suspect that he is being detained because of the forthcoming June 3 local government poll.

Suswam has been battling for bail after spending one month and eight days in custody.

8 thoughts on “Ex-Benue Governor Arrested By DSS, Gabriel Suswam Still Languishing In Detention

  1. That man should be hold properly and also investigated by the EFCC for the construction of Barack inu obusa road in OJU LGA,if possible to visit the site, born criminal fool

  2. See as him dey do face like Mr.Ibu meanwhile him mind na Chinwetalu Agu for Nigerian home video when him wan act wicked character.

  3. whatever a man soweth he shall reap.suswam the judgement of God is now on you for the atrocities you committed to the innocent children.your generation will also suffer it.Lamentation 5:7 go and read the word of God and repent.

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