Fathia Balogun Fights Iyabo Ojo At Toyin Aimakhu’s Wedding For Being Rude

fathia balogun iyabo ojo fighting

August 1st, 2013 – Fathia Balogun Fights Iyabo Ojo At Toyin Aimakhu’s Wedding For Being Rude

On Monday the 8th of July, 2013 during the wedding ceremony of Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu, we learnt two Yoruba movie stars, Fathia Balogun and Iyabo Ojo engaged in a physical fight over a not-so-important issue.

According to people who witnessed the messy fight, Iyabo Ojo addressed Fathia Balogun without adding the usual ‘aunty‘.

Though she used to call her aunty but sources say they are not sure what came over her that day.

To cut the long story short, Iyabo Ojo upsets Fathia Balogun who in turn engaged her in a hot exchange of words that led to a physical fight.

“warn Iyabo o. Am I her mate? If she comes near me I will slap her,” – said Fathia Balogun

If not for the quick intervention of the wedding guests, the two ladies would have caused a scene on Toyin’s special day.

Come to think of it, is adding ‘Aunty’ to someone’s name a sign of respect ?.

What if I call you aunty and deep down, am out of respect for you?

Well Yoruba culture appreciates mutual respect.

Do you think Fathia Balogun should have just keep quiet?

Who is to be blamed? the ‘rude’ actress or the one who is forcefully demanding to be called aunty?

46 thoughts on “Fathia Balogun Fights Iyabo Ojo At Toyin Aimakhu’s Wedding For Being Rude

  1. Iyabo Ojo respects and gets respect in returns. No matter whom or what u may be, Faithia is older than u even if it is 4 a day. Repects her so u can gets repects in returns. U are a Yoruba woman, repects is parts of our culture. Bowo fun agba.


  2. Iyabo should be blame,i agree with deola respect is part of yoruba culture iyabo should respect fathia because fathia older than her,pls iyabo respect your elders ki o le pe laye.

  3. Although iyabo shud b blamed but if really fatia want to bn prove she is older and matured she was not supposed to say anything at that point especially at there collegues wedding saving themselves those embarraseement.

  4. If iyabo acts as a baby, should “Aunty Fathia” also act in same manner? Why the public disgrace? They are professional colleagues, Aunty or no Aunty does not make any difference to me

  5. Na wa oo dis iyabo issue of respect seems to be tru .u want someone to respect u yet u don’t have respect is no wan foult dat u are not of big size .

  6. Dis Iyabo sef,& wen Lizzy Anjorin refused to call her aunty he picked up a public fight with her,now she refuse to respect the elders,I tink Iyabo has problem she’s just too proud & arrogant too full of herself which can’t lead her to anywere

  7. Well to me, Respect is a Resiprocal, let’s respect elderly person, Iyabo she’s wrong 4 what she do, but Fathia should keep silent 4 her instead of exchange word with her.Yoruba says ( Obere is idi agba WO omo leyin a se iru e fun). Anybody way no Iyabo should tell her to go and tender apology to her senior sister.

  8. As 4 me I’ll have 2 blame both of dem 4 engaging in a fight more so I’ll blame fathia 4 d fact dat u ar older dan her if som1 below ur age calls u without using d word aunty it doesn’t mean u should pick up a fight wit d person u jus leave her alone som1 below her age will reciprocate her 4 sure aunty fathia sorry ooooo

  9. Both of dem ar very stupid.why can’t dem respect deyselfs on dey colleque hapiest day.embarasin dey self b4 d public. Sham on dem.

  10. This lady have problem, especially personality, if truly she is a Yoruba girl respect for elder should not be an issue for her infact it will be too heavy in her mouth to call fathia without the prefix aunty.she is not the only one that has small stature so she should stop exhibiting pride.u know small people are naturally proud.accept Jesus and he will cloth you with humility.Don’t blame Fathia it can be annoying.

  11. why is every body shiftin blemz to oyibo alone? At times being in an over exciting mud can make someone foget alot of things, she might even 4got to address her aunty. So fathia wud hv kept quite so as to respect herself and return her integrety rather than fighting in a public place like River state assembly members.

  12. l think is a thing of common occurence that this lady call iyabo ojo does not know how to respect those ones that are older than her how old is she self.at least respect begets respect bowo fun baba on iya re kojo re lepe lorile alaaye ni oluwa Olorun re wi fun oo and not only your father n mother alone but all those who are older than you abo oro lanso fun omoluabi to ba de inu re adi odidi.iyabo ojo respect elders

  13. iyabo what u do,is what u take in return,so it will pain u most.bcos ds small small actress re looking at u.4 aunty fatia is anger that make her misbehave,she is very nice lady,she surpose to control her temper,bcos of thier sister party nd d public.so iyabo she is ur aunty welder u like it or not.so aunty fatia deserve an apology.

  14. U folks don’t know d kind of person Iyabo ojo is.She always want pple 2 respect her & she’s not ready 2 respect her elder ones! Very impertinent! Very rude! Always fighting! D last time she fought wit lizzy bcos lizzy dint cal her ‘aunty’ is she not d 1 being rude 2 her elder 1 now!

  15. Well,i only know some thing that Faith is not ur mate and u have too give her a good respect cos she’s aunt even Mummy self..i want u too know that what u do,ur junior will do it for u i swear and u will never have mouth too talk by then, no one will be there for u by then, even u have talk too some one that is not ur mate.. Faith is ur Aunt i swear even ur Mummy, i respect u Iyabo but Faith is the best. i swear.so u need too try and give her a Full respect cos of ur young that’s coming..

  16. I am of the opinion that Faithia could have displayed maturity by ignoring Iyabo and let her carrying on with
    her pride. Remember pride beget downfall

  17. Those ladies are not matured, who has ever address “JESUS” as uncle Jesus? Or brother Jesus? And yet he still loves us, and attend to our needs,,,,this is rubbish.

  18. If you people are really Yoruba you will ask iyabo what happened, maybe it was Fatia balogun that ask Lizzy not to respect her

  19. Iyabo ojo is to be blame,she’s just too proud,even mere looking at her,u wil b able to read dat out of her face ,i could remember when she was fighting wit lizzy anjorin 4 nt calling her aunty,and now she lack respect.

  20. Iyabo is 2 be blame,aunty faithia senior her well well,i like d way aunty faithia react cos if she didnt react iyabo wil take her 4 granted.

  21. u’ve all said d truth of the matter yorubba adages says omode to bere to woo idi agbalagba 4getin dat smbdy is lukin at his or her own too.iyabo plz u need to go back home 4 proper home training u are too full off urself d last tym dei interviwed u ‘u wnt ur younger ones to respect meanwhile u no ge respet 4 ur elders .be warned ki o ma balo si oko iparun on behalf her aunty faitha accpt our apology n let it go we all love u

  22. I think both of dem had issues dey need 2 settle.Aunty or no Aunty it is not enough reason 4 a fight.

  23. iyabo no b so he surpose be how could you disrespect ur aunty.no be swear up coming arties we do samething to u mark my word

  24. With of no reason, mst that big fowl disgrace her self in the public and not even Iyabo, and pls can anybody here tell me the meaning of a yoruba lady claimed to be called aunty ti o wa da’le mosu…. Tell her to use her brain among the young one in the industry. And nobody can judge the issue cos smths may be hidden btw the, they r both matured for such act.

  25. I think iyabo ojo should be blame,does that realy mean that the film they are showing to us are not reflect in their attitude.the word aunty is a respect,let give honor to whom honor is due.

  26. iyabo i think she lack of home traning bcs fatia is not her mate she is too proud her atttude is very bad she dont want to recpect elder

  27. Check dose insupport of iyabo properly dey ar nt a yoruba, so dey dont knw wot respect means, Yoruba’s valued respect alot. It as bin bcomin 2much of Iyabo…is she d only 1 in d industry?. Try 2 respect ur elderly 1s so dat ur fame wil nt fade away

  28. to my own view,mere compare wat hapen btw lizzy anjorin an iyabo nw same iyabo wit aunty faithia oloruko babe mi dat simply shows dat iyabo is a rude nd a very shameles stupid fellow,i hate u in all ramifications u gat to chng d way of ur life…..i ll be happi if u cn get to read my coment na only u in d industry????

  29. if iyabo ojo truly calls fathia by her name,she must be mad,,yes,,madness z her name,,ugly looking bitch

  30. Dat is too bad of u Iyabo, cos respect is a reciprocal, at least she’s due for some respect frm u cos it is clearly dat she’s older dan u. Even though u er stage mate but u er nt age mate.. Jst come to think of it, how will u feel if ur junior one’s call u by name or insulting u in another way round, so for dis reason u ve to bck to her and apologise for ur rudenes.

  31. Iyabo is too much for u dat is why u fait liz let me tell u fatia is not your mate in every were try to recspet your elder so dat u will live long

    • U people just disgrace urself, people are learning frm u, mrs fathia u sld just leave her alone wat wil speak 4 u wil surely speak,and 4 u Iyabo ojo give respect 4 ur elders so as to be long in life,just say sorry to her, think abt ur colleques u people disgrace her

  32. na wa 4 u iyabo,y d u always behave like a bitch,aunty faithia is nt ur mate,dnt u ve sence in you,well i knw blame u bcos ur barin is upside dnw dat is y u lack respect 4 elders.

  33. Faithia should be blamed for not taking her wedding serious all over the years since the incident happened between her and the husband. if Saheed should sit with her Iyabo will give her the respect she want, and Faithia bring her self low they may have something together since Faithia is not under anybody has a woman. Faithia dont need respect from any young Actress and Actor. “NO RESPECT FOR THE KING WITHOUT CROWN”

  34. Yes I agree with you Young Peter “NO RESPECT FOR A KING WITHOUT A CROWN“. Because if Fathia take are marriage so serious all this will not happen to her. Look at moji olaiya and abimbola aishat the respect is there for them,she leave her husband doing rubbish with young boy all around. Some yoruba actress live there life stupidly married today after 4days divorce and start living there life anyhow too baaaaaddddddd……

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