Florida Man Arrested By Police For Using Wanted Poster As Facebook Profile Photo

man uploaded wanted poster facebook

Sept 5, 2016 – Florida Man Arrested By Police For Using Wanted Poster As Facebook Profile Picture

A fugitive declared wanted by police in Florida earlier this year has been arrested after he allegedly uploaded his own wanted police poster on Facebook.

The suspect, Mack Yearwood was tracked down by Police the moment he uploaded the poster on FB and used it as his profile picture.

He was traced to his brother’s house but while putting on his pant, a bag of weed fell out of his pocket.

He was arrested and charged with weed possession.

Mr Yearwood is yet to be charged for the battery assault he was declared wanted for earlier this year.

8 thoughts on “Florida Man Arrested By Police For Using Wanted Poster As Facebook Profile Photo

  1. Either he was drunk, stupid or insane. Whatever the cause of this unusual lucky break for the Police, the man will be off the streets and eating tax payer’s free food for a while. Arrogant so and so !!!

    social media has eaten so dip into we people of nowadays that sometimes we don’t even know what we are doing. earlier this year naijagists posted a story of an armed robber caught taking selfie (maybe he will caption it “chilling with the police”).. many dieing people now don’t care the state they are they just want to upload their current condition online..this might sound funny but if the children of Israel stopped in the middle of the sea to take selfies like we do now they might have been caught by pharaoh and his army no matter how God love them.. let stop this act and if it is not stopable let limit it….. same thing goes to this moron who was on a wanted but still went on to upload his banner forgetting that his GPS was on.. good for him though

    #clueless human

  3. @aunty_kok why are you still bothering if he is drunk or not… he was caught with weed (igbo) this definitely shows that he is out of his mind like a popular commentator here (i did not mention name oo).. well good for him that serves him right “igbo man”

    • Huchennar or wetin am I call upon your name, is it only me weyris smoke igbo for here? Is not Ms Eranko follow to be smoke? Is not Mulikat smoke? Even sef, D Hunter is following the smoke bicos it can’t posibul to see animal to kill until you are smoke. Bob Mally was smoke. U Roy was smoke. Grigri Isaak was smoke and Kulture was smoke. So why I no go smoke? I am warn all the pipul weyra call me up and down like say I be Buhari, is not me wey have spoiling Nigeria. Is Buhari. Make you stop to be call me up and down with any how.

  4. Hahahahahahah…Hahahahahahah. ..hahahahaha……Chai! !!

    I can’t stop laughing oh. My tummy is in pain.
    Thanks to Mark & his facebook .
    I keep saying it even when it becomes annoying.:EXPOSING OURSELVES ON SOCIAL CAN KILL!

    He personally booked himself in.Aww,that’s so sweet! !! Hahahahahaha…….

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