Fulani Girl Beheaded By Herdsman Boyfriend In Ilasa Ekiti For Avoiding Him

fulani herdsman beheads girlfriend ilasa ekiti

Fulani Herdsmen Kills Girlfriend In Ilasa Ekiti For Avoiding Him

A suspected killer herdsmen has been arrested for allegedly murdering his girlfriend.

The suspect whose name was not disclose reportedly used cutlass to cut off the head of his girlfriend.

According to The Nation, he victim who is also of the same tribe with the suspected assailant was attacked beside a stream where she had gone to fetch water with her younger sister.

The assailant was said to have ambushed the lady and brought down her head while she bent down to collect some water from the stream and took to his heels but was later arrested through the information provided by the younger sister of the deceased who witnessed the whole scenario.

Reports by some notable personalities in the community including the traditional rulers of the community The Alasa of Ilasa, Oba Ajayi Omolagba revealed that the young lady had been allegedly handed over to the suspected assailant as a future wife while she was still a teenager in consonance with their custom and tradition.

Another report says the lady after growing up observed that the supposed husband was a drunkard and drug addict thereby avoiding him for necessary marriage arrangements.

The Ekiti State police public Relations Officer Caleb Ikechukwu who confirmed the incident said investigation has been launched to unravel the causes of such criminal act while more details would be made available to newsmen.

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  1. another Fulani again, I just left a comment on one of the news. When will dt kanuri president do something about dis animals

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