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Full Transcript Of Tonto Dikeh’s Husband Olakunle Churchill’s Interview On Marriage Crisis

transcript olakunle churchill interview

March 20, 2017 – Full Transcript Of Tonto Dikeh’s Husband Olakunle Churchill’s Interview On Marriage Crisis, Domestic Abuse Scandal

As reported on Sunday, Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh’s estranged hubby has opened up on what led to the bitter war between him and his wife.

Here is the full transcript of the interview:

On The Domestic Abuse Incident That Happened In Ghana, Olakunke Churchill said:

“I picked her up from the airport just a day before- that was June 8, 2015. We had a misunderstanding and she decided to move to a hotel. She came the next morning- I was not even home; I sent her a text that I went to a friend’s house(Wunmi). I heard she came home around 3 [or] 4 and started breaking everything in the house. Luckily for me, I had switched off the electric fence wire before I left the house. So, she started from the electric fence. She pulled everything down. She jumped [into] my compound. She broke everything.

So, when I got home, I met the police – already, I called the police patrol. The closest police station there was Maigina Police Station. When I got home, she was already attacking the police people. They forced the door [in].

You know, there is this thing about my wife- it’s just like crisis. She doesn’t stop. She gets too temperamental due to negative energy [caused by] alcohol abuse, marijuana, anything that has something to do with drugs.

When her anger starts…she uses everything around her. When she is angry, even 6 men can’t stop her. The police couldn’t stop her. She destroyed everything. Even the police were surprised. She even spat on one of them.

That event, when it took place, I covered everything. I took everyone’s phone and deleted every picture. I closed everything in Ghana just because of her.

[But] in the last interview, she mentioned that she was beaten and ran to the embassy stark naked. As soon as I saw that [interview], I requested for my own statement [to the police].

To those people saying that I ‘sponsored [the police]: you can’t sponsor the Ghana Police.

After the incidence, she was locked up. I wrote a withdrawal letter. I bailed her. I told her to replace my properties, but I just decided to withdraw everything.

What she told me when I took her from the [jail] was “if you forgive me, that means you are an angel.” She promised never to go back to drugs or alcohol.”

On Tonto Dikeh’s pregnancy/childbirth: 

Three weeks after the [police event], she took in. All the way, throughout 9 months, she was a perfect mother, till she came back from the United States with [our son] King. Till 4 months after she gave birth to King, she was perfect, [but then] she started [doing drugs] again.

I tried my best to revive her back to who she was when she was pregnant, or just immediately after she gave birth but that’s the major problem. I have tried.

I have somebody that monitors Tonto, that gives me updates on everything she does even when she tried to blackmail me, when she sent information. Even when she sent information about my manager in Abuja.

She came to Ghana when we had an event- we weren’t talking then, that was after mum’s incident – I went to Ghana to cool off.

On Tonto Dikeh’s claim that he hit their son, King

How can I hit King? (He laughs) No, it’s not possible. King [was] not up to one year.
On the scars found on Tonto Dikeh’s body, which she accused him of “The only scar I am aware of is the one on her leg. She was breaking stuff and it got to a point where she was coming towards me.

Her [male] best friend was trying to hold her back; [he] was crying. She was crazy. She always broke everything – television, kitchen utensils, dispenser. She [had] done this in my house, up to 4 times.

In 7-8 months I had lost over N36million, but this was my mum’s house.

So, her best friend was trying to hold her, but she was coming towards me. He was crying, [saying] “Tonto stop. What are you doing? What are you doing” She [thrust] her leg through the glass in the staircase. That’s where she got the cut from. Anything apart from that is not real at all.

And then he played the video from the scene, showing the damage Tonto allegedly caused. His mother could be heard speaking Yoruba, telling her son, “I am worried about your own life.”

On Tonto’s claim that she lost her 4-months pregnancy during a violent attack by him

“There was nothing like it. I met her 6 months before she conceived [and] she was pregnant for another 9 months. She travelled and she came back after 4 months and she was breastfeeding. And she just stopped breastfeeding like 3 weeks ago. So, where is the pregnancy from?I don’t understand.

This woman told me she was going to get everything to bring me down. She has a foundation and I have a foundation, too. I have someone in her camp that gives me all the updates [like] how she made all the scars in her body up. She called somebody to make up the scars.

She made up the scars on her body. The only [scar] was [from the incident] in my mum’s house. She cut herself.

I am not a woman-beater. I have never done that in my life and I will never do that. She is trying everything because she knows I run a foundation and she knows the kind of person I am, she knows that maybe this young man is trying to be someone in future. She has everything planned.

[Her interview] was 95% lie. The only truth was [when she said] “I loved my husband.”

On claims of infecting Tonto with STDs

Not [in] this millennium. The last time I heard STD was in secondary school. At this stage of my life – STD?

She is just trying everything.

On claims she watched him make ‘every dime he has’

No, that’s not possible. I met her two-and-a-half years ago and I have been into real estate since I was 22. When I met her, I had 4 companies. Now, I have 6 companies.



  1. Brave Hunter

    March 20, 2017 at 2:44 PM

    I WANT TO BELIEVE this man‘s side of the story more than that of Tonto‘s. His was more authentic and convincing.

    Tonto has just lost an Angel. I don‘t think anybody can tolerate a woman of such nasty characters.
    On one report, I even read how on one of her state of madness, she practically pushed her mother in-law down the stairs, in her (in-law)‘s house!!!

    Just imagine that? Ha, God punish devil! my sweet mother???
    Try that with my mom and you will realized why I am called the Hunter. I will do to you what I do to animals in the bush. Nonese. Na thunder go fire you sef, you de craze.

    I take a stroll…

  2. Endurance

    March 20, 2017 at 3:05 PM

    Olakunle churchill what exactly was the cause of the [“misunderstanding”] between you and your wife? Can you please explain that to us? Because from Your lengthy explanation so far, you only centered your report around your wife’s negative behaviour but never explained the real cause of the disagreement. One thing I must let you know is that,if you are trying to cheat on your wife or you are trying to play some sorts of fast game behind her,then you are likely going to see the other side of her as a wife. This facts is peculiar to all women without any exclusion. No woman on earth will be so dumb that she will tolerate a man that after getting married to her then start sleeping around with other ladies. The real cause of your fracas must have been that Tonto Dike caught you with other women. That possible cause may have aggravated her violent reaction you are here shamelessly disclosing to the press and to the world. Olakunle Churchill my advice for you is, stop toiling with women’s heart ! Stop taking advantage of young ladies because of how wealthy you are. If Tonto Dike is dealing on hard drugs,I firmly believe you were already aware of it ever before you got married to her. A real man will work hard to help his spouse desist from such harmful habit rather than citing this as a means to justify your story. It seemed to me that abandoning any woman you got married to is very much easier for you than keeping them. Marriage is not for that. A honorable and respectful marriage is one that stand the test of time. Their is no pride in changing women like a cloth. You have to make a u turn in your way of life. Try hard and reconcile with your wife and resolve any altercation between yourselves.

    • Kemkem

      March 21, 2017 at 2:59 AM

      Lets assume that Tonto’s husband cheated on her, is that a good reason for her to push his mother town the stairs? Tonto is a crazy drugged up woman. After all she herself has been sleeping with other women husbands! Talk of karma!!!! Whatever you Sow that you shall reap!

  3. Jilo

    March 20, 2017 at 4:54 PM

    In as much I don’t tolerate maltreating and beating women, I believe this lady Tonto Dikeh is lying against her husband. She drug problem and she needs mental treatment because of her involvement in using hard drugs. I watched her on youtube fabricating some lies against her husband. I’m convinced she made it up.

    Sometimes ago, this crazy girl slapped another actor on movie set (Van Vicker) a Ghanian actor. That alone is a hard evidence to show how crazy she can be. Eventhough you caught your husband sleeping with another woman, does that mean you should ruin him by destroying all his properties? after all she snatched him from another woman. Although, that should not be an excuse but Tonto Dikeh is a problematic wife on her own part.

  4. iron bar

    March 20, 2017 at 5:14 PM

    WE TIRED OF THIS MUDSLINGING btw u guys.this is a warning to all pple posting their affairs on social media.if u eat amala u post,buy new vehicle u gift for ur papa u post.dress unclad u post..later karma will hammer back and u look for who to blame.

  5. Endurance

    March 21, 2017 at 4:48 AM

    @Kemkem that surely is a lesson for the womanizer Churchill that not all beautiful ladies are responsible. He well must have known beforehand that Tonto Was a drug addict perhaps during when they were still dating. He must have seen some sign in her but he chose to ignored them. So he shouldn’t complain. Let him personally work hard to stop his habit of changing from one woman to the other. @Kemkem If you are a man then I will advise you never to try and cheat on your wife otherwise you will see the other side of her no matter how good she has always been to you. Some may appear violent while some may be more insulting and disrespectful to you. In any case you never can meet any woman in full happiness when she discover you are cheating on her. So let’s condemn a man who sleeps around with women without considering the feelings of his wife.

  6. okhomina justina

    March 21, 2017 at 8:59 AM

    D truth is that both of u are tired of ur marriage & living together. U both wanted freedom now u have gotten, enjoy ur selves & stop d pretence of who is at fault. God bless & keep d little son of urs who is innocentirely.No price for sex & money in heaven be warned.

  7. okhomina justina

    March 21, 2017 at 9:10 AM

    Both of u are tired of ur marriage, staying together and needed freedom & now u both have gotten ur freedom. Then while d pretence of who is at fault to attract sympathy from fans when both of u are happy enjoying urselves as never be4.God bless & keep d little innocent son of urs. No 1st position for money & sexy in heaven be warned.

  8. Hanna

    March 21, 2017 at 9:20 AM

    @Endurance God bless you and your generation for that question “what exactly was the cause of the understanding between him and Tonto? The All seeing, the All knowing God shall asked him the same question on the last day, you cheated on your wife and you are still cheating with your PA and you expect her to praise and celebrate you. Mark 8:36. You are the one that TRULY need deliverance.

    Tonto if you are reading this, please ignore him and move on with your life. Thank God you are alive for your son, some women lost their lives because of irresponsible and unfaithful men like him.

  9. fifelomo

    March 21, 2017 at 12:10 PM

    I wish these two will behave maturely and story involving the masses into thier affairs. Very irresponsible idiots.

  10. josephine

    March 21, 2017 at 1:31 PM

    MR churchill i dont know u frm adams neither do i know ur wife tonto. u said for d 9months she was heavy.she was a perfect wife…and she loved u.dat is d only truth she said….my brother dont u think d devil does not want u to have a happy home and a complete family.think about it…she need deliverance and what about u…

    in life somethings are spiritual and as human with ordinary eyes u can not see it, u broke d chain of d kingdom of darkness by having ur son…both of u.Tonto and u mr oladuni u both need delieverance.. u want to have money only to make fame. promote ur name. and train other people and help too. my dear is very good..but Good name is better than riches. both of u should ask God to deliver u honestly oladuni money can not buy u a complete happiness and home.but u need God and u both need to work for it

  11. Alexunique Legendary

    March 21, 2017 at 2:47 PM

    Don’t mind her. She is a drama queen.

  12. Bill

    March 23, 2017 at 5:18 AM

    If you have STD before I believe you are or will have it again. Just wondering how a grown up man like you will come to the media for interview. But before you married this woman, there wasn’t any interview. if you really rick like they said, you are still very childish and fortune because of your family background. That means you sleeps around with everything Hoes… what started the miscommunication in your marriage? seems like you don’t have anything good to say about the mother of your son.

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