Funke Akindele’s Ex-Husband Kehinde Oloyede Blasts Her Fans “I’m Not A Tout Or Garage Boy”


funke akindele ex-husband

July 30, 2013 – Funke Akindele’s Ex-Husband Kehinde Oloyede Blasts Her Supporter “I’m Not A Tout Or Garage Boy”

The former husband of Nigerian actress Funke Akindele whom she dumped secretly few weeks ago has taken the case to Encomium magazine.

In a recent interview on Encomium, Mr Kehinde Oloyede popularly called Almaroof debunked online reports claiming he is an illiterate.

Mr Almaroof who claims he works as an Estate developer said he decided to let Funke go in order not to interfere with her career.

Kenny said his friends has advised him to ignore insults from Funke Akindele’s fans calling him an illiterate and all sort of demeaning names.

Check out what Funke Akindele’s ex-husband told Encomium;

She’s still married to me. They wrote that I am a tout, from what you are seeing here now, do I look like a tout or garage boy? They also said I’m a drop out, from the way you and I have been speaking, do I speak like someone who did not go to school? I have decided to follow the advice of those who said I should not join issues with her and her supporters. I am not a celebrity. I am an estate developer. She is the star that has her career to protect and I don’t want to be the one to spoil her career“.

Few weeks ago, Almaroof exposed the crack in their marriage when he took to his Facebook page to say he’s done with Funke.

Since then, he hasn’t let go of his ex-movie star wife.

In another interview he granted during the time of the crash, he said he’s still legally married to Funke.

Almaroof should just let the sleeping dogs lie.

Funke has made up her mind not to continue to with him, then let her be.

This is the time for the actress to be more prayerful.

May God deliver her.