Uche Jombo: “If My Husband Cheats, I’ll Turn Him Into A Slave For Life”


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July 30, 2013 – Uche Jombo Talks About Husband “If He Cheats, I’ll Turn Him Into My Slave For Life”

In this recent interview about her upcoming movie, Nollywood actress and movie producer Uche Jombo who married a Mexican-American man, Mr Kenney Rodriguez last year is speaking publicly about him since their low-key wedding.

When queried on what she’ll do if she catch her husband cheating, Uche Jombo said she will turn him into a slave for life.

Interview excerpt below

Interviewer: So you believe your husband will or should not cheat on you?

Uche Jombo: I don’t have control over what someone will do, I’m not God. I’m talking about me, how I conduct things. It’s not an option that it will happen, I will not tolerate cheating.
Interviewer: Are you saying you will not forgive the man who cheats on you and is manly enough to say I’m sorry?

Uche Jombo: oh God! You are going to slave for me for life. And do you know any man that will want to slave for a woman for life, answer?

Chai! these are very strong words…. Mr Kenney beware o.

I wonder what Uche Jombo will use to turn him into slave **wink**