Gay Man Spent His Fortune On Butt Enlargement Surgery (Photo)

gay man butt enlargement surgery

Jan 30, 2013 – Gay Man Spent His Fortune On Butt Enlargement Surgery (Photo)

A very proud gay man who performed sex change surgery few years back has spent all his fortune to enhance his butt.

The dude in the above picture claims he spent all the money in his savings account for the butt enlargement surgery.

Lord have mercy! End time is here folks.

How do one explains why this young man will agree to spend almost his entire savings to perform butt enhancement surgery all because of beauty?

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51 thoughts on “Gay Man Spent His Fortune On Butt Enlargement Surgery (Photo)

  1. Agent of satan. Satan is rulling and people are falling. I pray God will save u all from him. And to you that put your trust in God,stand firm in him. Satan u are a looser

  2. Friends i want u 2 knw dt it’s end time nd d devil is usin God’s creations 2 get wat he wants,so dnt allow d devil 2 use u.oly repent 4m ur sin nd allow Jesus 2 rule ur life so dat Gods’ wrath will nt fall on u MAY GOD HELP US

  3. Dear friendz, let it not be a suprise to you because scientist had made us to understand that the earth is pherical that imply that earth is round in shape and rotational in action and its rotation brings about changes that is resulting to all this mess we are seeing. All we asked is the grace of God .

  4. People see him as a human being, but the truth is that he is demon, these are the agents of Satan working round the globe, and woe to anyone who will fall victim, becouse the end is eternal destroction in hell fire.

  5. That guy is sick upstairs, but he will live without been proud of whom God made him to be shameeeeeeeee.God show him mercy please.

  6. this is completely rubbish. I there therefore cal 4 ur imedient arrest and sentence 2 death by fire b4 u giv us bad name. Police police efcc.

  7. this life has turned to something else entirely. we need to be prayful so by the time that God will turne is eyes to life so we won’t be there.coz all these nonsence is getting worse.

  8. Oh my gosh….if he wnts 2 b unda d umbrella of female’s dats left 4 him… him ass go hear ram. madness!!

  9. Agent of darkness repent or everlasting torment awaits u. “Jesus is the way the truth and life no one comes to the father except through him”come to him now that u can b4 it will be too late…

  10. Lolz…. So weird! Idiot of him so dat while being F**ked 4rm behind, dis gonna increase the excitement, he should save anoda money, den go 4burst increment too. Bastard!

  11. I do not think , it has anything to do with God , because you have been giving the body to do whatever you like with it , so it is not even our own business , it is your life , what i would like you to do now is to do surgery for your eyes , you can fix cat eye on one and fix lion to the other , then have a surgery to remove your leg so that you fix Gorila leg and orangutan to the other , and tell the surgeon to get you pregnant, then God will give you his blessing , i have already bless you , please do not mind all these people gossiping , it is because they are jealous of your big sofa backyard

  12. Judge not and ye shall not be judged……if hes happy so be it..hes not bothering anyone….every guy on her is saying its bad bcause they like it and every girl thats saying the same is mad that thier bit is looking nuttin like he!!!!

  13. I actually think it makes him look sexy.It suits him very well and I can tell that he’s happy with it.Stop HATING!!!It is rude and unfair.We’re not all christians in this world.We all have different opinions in life and the fair thing to do is to accept each person for they are regardless of religion or even sexuality.

  14. Stop shoving christianity down our throats you a**holes, he did it because he thinks it suits him and he’s happy!!!

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