Governor Okorocha Dissolved Cabinet, Sacked Nkiru Sylvanus In Imo State

nkiru sylvanus sacked okorocha

July 19, 2013 – Governor Okorocha Dissolved Cabinet, Sacked Nkiru Sylvanus In Imo State

Rochas Okorocha, the governor of Imo State has sacked Nigerian actress Nkiru Sylvanus, a former Special Assistant.

According to sources, the actress from Abia state was given the appointment under a controversial circumstance few years back, an issue that has caused more uproar among Imo citizens.

On Wednesday, the actress and other aides were sacked from Okorocha’s cabinet after an executive council meeting that held in Owerri.

The actress that served as Okorocha’s special assistant was first given an appointment to oversee matters concerning natives of Imo State in Lagos before she was redeployed to Owerri as a special assistant.

Her controversial appointment has caused concerned among Indigenes of the state as some folks speculated the actress got the job because she provides a ‘special service’ to the governor.

22 thoughts on “Governor Okorocha Dissolved Cabinet, Sacked Nkiru Sylvanus In Imo State

  1. special service like special cleaning of his bed room and receiving special salaries. human beings have decided in their hearts not to fear God. pay day is coming so let us work with the holy spirit and run away from sin.

  2. It makes me seek by seeing our actors and actresses taking over our government while they have a good carrier that is giving them what they want, greediness , be on top, be in control, iam seek and tired of seeing them taking over government post without an experience

  3. It could happen to anybody….afterall she is nt the only person sacked…..y is it that anytime a female is hire in goverment office..xpecialy higher office like that special advicer.. pple will start insinueting rubbish….corrupt minds….

  4. It makes me seek by seeing Nollywood actor and actress taking over our government, that is greediest, we are seek and tired of seeing them parading over government jobs without experience.

  5. when Graduates of political science and other relevant fields are everywhere in this country jobless,Actresses are taking positions,high time we stop being deceived,cos one DAY i mean one DAY the YOUTHS of this NATION will rise in ANGER ,like a princess i am,i advice our LEADERS to turn a new good leaf to avoide the WRATH of GOD soon.

  6. Dnt let rumours swing u! D gov. disolvd evry memba of his cabinet, of which Nkiru wz a memba. So she wznt d only persn sackd.

    • wat do u mean by all..may be u dont understand how govt u mean dep gov and ssg was sacked or are they not part of his executive..their fling is over,he wants another meat

  7. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha,I cnt stop laughing. Politics. Maybe she refused givn him smtin d previous night

  8. okorocha need to be sure he knows what he is doing.nkiru commited no crime by accepting the job offer.

  9. Dirty shit brains……nkeiru was sacked alongside others….nt only her….jonathan once disolve cabinate…both male and female where sacked…and nkeiru arn’t the female sacked….like seriously i hate pple with low mental faculty….rubbish

  10. I don’t kn y ppl like talkin rubbish with dier mouth, may b gov okorocha hav discova some secret among his cabinet or dat dey hav eatin govmt money illegally and d secret now came out and was revved to him. So I tink dat is d reason he sacked all his cabinet not only Nkiru. U ppl shod stop say what is not meaningful, d gov is not a local man to eat a local girl like Nkiru, is she more beautiful dan her excellency

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