Happy Birthday IBB! General Ibrahim Babangida Turns 72 Today

ibrahim babangida birthday 2013

August 17, 2013 – Happy Birthday IBB! General Ibrahim Babangida Turns 72 Today

Ex-Nigeria’s military ruler, General Ibrahim Babangida IBB is a year older today.

IBB was born in Minna, the capital city of Niger state Nigeria on the 17th of August 1941.

He attended Royal Armoured Center in 1972 to 1973.
In 1977, he attended Armed Forces Command and Staff College in Jaji.

In 1980, he later proceeded to Naval Postgraduate School in the United States Of America to study Senior International Defence Management Course.

He ruled Nigeria from the 27th of August 1985 to August 27, 1993.

On June 12th, 1993, his elections was annulled.

IBB is blessed with 4 children namely Aisha, Mohammed, Halima and Aminu Babangida.

His first wife Maryam Babangida died in 2009 after a prolonged battle with ovarian cancer.

Wishing him many happy returns.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday IBB! General Ibrahim Babangida Turns 72 Today

  1. Happy birthday ke… no way do you remember how many people he has killed in his lifetime.
    The blood will not make him rest

  2. I pray u will die b/4 ur birthday, this prayer is extend to ur family and ur generation, happy to hell babaginda and family

  3. Tyrant and role model.They are words and antonyms, because IBB was a bad leader and is arguably why Nigeria is what she is today. People are cursing him, wishing him death and bad things, when people hear the name of Murtala Mohammed or Obafemi Awolowo, they talk good things about ’em. Let’s get wise using these tyrant and role model. Let’s make good name by doing good things without being sentimental or unjust.

  4. IBB–the idiot who sees himself as the most clever person on earth, will end up being the most stupid,among his ilk and before nigerians. The FOOLISH IBB who played the Saduana’s script and denied the igbos an airport, seaport, a second niger bridge good roads to the east, and all. He’ll rot in hell, whenever his time comes. And to Taiwo Norddveit, sorry, M. Mohamed could have been far more terrible!

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