2face Idibia Marks 38th Birthday During Peace Tour In Jos (Photos)

2face idibia birthday jos plateau

Sept 19, 2013 – 2face Idibia Celebrates 38th Birthday In Jos During Peace Tour (Pictures)

Yes ooooo 2baba became a year older yesterday Sept 18.

The African Queen crooner celebrated his 38th birthday with children in Jos, the capital of Plateau state on Wednesday as he continues his peace tour.

He was born in Jos on the 18th of September 1975.

Check out more photos from 2face Idibia’s birthday celebration;

[Photo Credit: Innocent Ujah Idibia]

15 thoughts on “2face Idibia Marks 38th Birthday During Peace Tour In Jos (Photos)

  1. 2face is just a fool, why didn’t he go to Dubai to celebrate it, we nigerians always want to start what we can’t finish, same thing worrying the stupid Goodluck jonathan, want to campaign 4 2015 when he know he is going to lose, even her own mother won’t vote 4 him

  2. bezo, na God go punish you if u no come back come see the curse wey people don lay on you, tell me what 2face did wrong by celebrated his birthday in Jos where he was born. if u be star before u go run down, if u neva bcome a star u no go ever taste am. bad belle person f**k u

  3. Benzo u be idiot for insulting 2face,u don’t knw d diff btw birth and marriage,fool u better go and apologize,obonte jew like u dey insult great men,,2baba u tu much jooo .

  4. Pls pls let there b peace.2Baba HBD, i celebrated on 17. Whom God don bless,no man can cause.Pple hv mouth,so dey can open wide but learn hw to control it b4 it becomes public toilet

  5. i wonder why people dont learn to use their mouth and their words well????????????? Bezo and his likes will ever die poor and a nobody. since you cant appreciate good things and good people you cant go far in life. you can now see that you are the worst fool in the whole universe. 2Face, congratulations, GEJ go ahead, dont stop.

  6. One thing in life is that people most talk,2baba carry go,celebrate your day anywhere you want is your day,let the fools and enemy of progress talk whatsoever them like,you are blessed you are blessed.

    One love,nothing dey happen

  7. @bezo what makes you think that Goodluck will not win the 2015 election? plz makeup from ur sleep. instead of you to congratulate 2baba on his birthday celebration you are talking abut Goodluck, do you think is easy to rule? can you handle your own home talk of handling a country.

  8. Bezo I dont know why u can not appreciate good things so that u will be favoured, enemy of progress, better repent! Happy birthday dear and all d best!

  9. tu-face bin talk say if nobody talk about u dat means u’re nobody but in dis case for all of u to talk about BEZO dat means bezo is a star in the making take it or leave it. Bezo toss-up

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