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“Hold Jonathan’s Friend, Tompolo Responsible If I Die” – Human Right Lawyer Festus Keyamo Cries Out

festus keyamo death threat

Oct 31, 2014 – Death Threats: “Hold Jonathan’s Friend, Tompolo Responsible If I Die” – Human Right Lawyer Festus Keyamo Cries Out

“Tompolo Threatens To Shot Me Dead” – Lawyer Petitions Police

Human right lawyer Festus Keyamo has decried the death threats he received from an ex-militant leader and High Chief Government Ekpemupolo aka Tompolo.

In a letter dated Oct 29, 2014, Keyamo said Tompolo threatened to beat him to death for  wading into a perceived fraud in the just concluded Delta State local government election.

The letter reads:

“At exactly 10:13p.m. on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, I received a telephone call from one Mr. Government Ekpemupolo (alias Tompolo)…,

“We have been acquaintances in the past, so I know his numbers. After reaffirming that he is Tompolo when I picked his call, he went straight to the point by informing me that he wishes to inform me that he and his ‘boys’ will kill me by beating me to death or shooting me anywhere they can find me. And that the hunt for me is on.

“His exact words in pidgin English was ‘we dey look for you. Anywhere we see you, whether for Lagos or Abuja or Warri, we go beat you die or we go shoot you.’

“He said he would kill me because I have decided to take up the matter involving his blood brother, Mr. George Ekpemupolo, who was used to illegally substitute another candidate, Mr. Weyinmi Omadeli (48 hours to the election) in the Warri South-West L.G.A elections that were concluded last Saturday in Delta State.”

On Tuesday, Mr. Keyamo had petitioned Emmanuel Uduaghan, the Delta State governor, over the latter’s “illegal substitution” of Mr. Omadeli, a Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, candidate for Warri South-West at the council poll with George Ekpemuopolo, Tompolo’s younger brother.

“On this issue concerning Warri South-West L.G.A, I have no choice but to cry out, because your decision is capable of igniting a crisis that will affect all of us. The decision was taken whimsically and it is unjust, unfair, illegal, and ungodly,” Mr. Keyamo had written to the governor.

“Consequently, it is unacceptable and will be challenged legally and politically.”

Mr. Keyamo said Tompolo told him that nobody had ever challenged his authority in Delta State.

“I asked Tompolo five times whether, he was, in fact, threatening my life over an open line and he said nobody in the country can do anything about it by the time I am dead,” said Mr. Keyamo.

“Co-incidentally, exactly three minutes after Tompolo dropped his line, His Excellency, Governor Uduaghan called me at exactly 10.16pm, and I reported to him what just transpired between Tompolo and myself.

“The Governor promised to speak with him, but that cannot be reassuring enough, and I know the remedy in law against an intended murderer is not to beg him but to ignite the criminal justice system against him, no matter how comatose that system is.”

Mr. Keyamo said that Tompolo had the “instrument to kill human beings”.

“I know the subject of this petition, Tompolo, is a favoured citizen of this government, and I am not. I know Tompolo is close to those in power at the moment, whereas I am an ordinary citizen. I know Tompolo has money and influence (which are factors that are widely acknowledged to aid a suspect walk away with murder in Nigeria), but I have none of these.

“In the circumstance, I am making this petition public so that when you refuse to attend to my complaint and outcry, the ordinary people of this country will, at least, know from where my death came and I will not join the long list of unresolved murders. My killer, should, at least be known.”

This is what you get in a country where the President worships ex-militants like Asari Dokubo and Tompolo, hardened criminals who deserve some jail term to cool down.



  1. sirjohn

    October 31, 2014 at 3:21 AM

    I would have love to comment, but I declined to avoid being next on the hit man list. My children are still young.

  2. purity

    October 31, 2014 at 4:04 AM

    Mr keyamo,ur statement reads:”we hav been acquaintances in the past, so I know his numbers”then why’re u washing ur dirty lining in public,go to close door meeting and resolve the matter urselves.stop attracting cheap empathy,”birds of the same feathers”


    October 31, 2014 at 4:48 AM

    @Purity thanks for ur nice comment.

  4. Conscience 1

    October 31, 2014 at 7:32 AM

    …Was Keyamo not D same person that facilitated D bail of Asari Dokubu,when he was arrested in Rep. Of Benin? in his own words(Keyamo)these men are hardened criminals…so I ask Keyamo….r u now a “born again christain”or you have suddenly just woken from your slumber?
    ..remember D saying birds of D same feather flock together. Meaning that makes U too a hardened “Criminal”.
    I rest my case.

  5. omolabake

    October 31, 2014 at 9:07 AM

    @jamon and purity, if you have been friends with someone and you noticed the person is not a person you should be friend with you can leave the relationship. For the fact that key Amo has been his acquaintance s in the past doesn’t owe him an obligation to be his friend for life . These are very deadly people and know one is calling them to order. Nigeria is a lawless country where anyone can kill anybody and go free and can even brag about it.shior

  6. Tm

    October 31, 2014 at 11:43 AM

    Purity said it all….if tompolo is a criminal,mr kayemo is his partiner in crime, the way kayemo is sounding looks like he is not even sure if its him,i guess he is just calling tompolo name out fear if he will stop him from intimidating his younger brother Mayor of which everybody is ought to do even you mr kayemo…,for those who want tompolo,asari dokubo or jude oka to be jail so that southwest and the whole northern nigeria will take southsouth and southeast as dumping shit will never achieve it

  7. Teddy

    October 31, 2014 at 11:46 AM

    @ sirjohn hahahahahaha Lmfao! Abi O ya kids are still young oh! Even mine are not yet born abeg..tompolo and dokubo God is watching you oo

  8. Mee

    October 31, 2014 at 8:43 PM

    TM or Purity or whatever you call yourself, do not pray to be the next on line. Nigeria is a b****ard country thats why we are suffering as a nation after 100 years of shame and confusion which is still ongoing, l feel sorry for you lot, keyemo is a man of good conscience and will continue to do his job, tompolo or whatever he calls himself will die the same death like others so let continue his bastard threat lets see whether he knows if its sunami that will wipe him away from here or if it is ebola that will clear him away from here? idiotic thugs

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