How Nigerian Actress Susan Peters Dress To 2015 AMVCA Made Her A Laughing Stock

susan peters amvca dress

March 16, 2015 – How Nollywood Actress Susan Peters Lady Gaga Stunt Failed On AMVCA Red Carpet

Nollywood Actress Susan Peters Dress To 2015 AMVCA Made Her A Laughing Stock

It will be so arduous to ignore what Susan Peters wore to this event, it will be mean not to discuss her outfit, did she truly leave her home that way? I can imagine what everybody around her thought that night as she made her grand entry at the Expo centre, was she trying so hard to make a style statement? I guess she wanted to stand and be the cynosure of all eyes at the event, yes she succeeded but ended up turning herself to the circus clown of the event.

What shocked me most was how comfortable she pretended to be in the outfit especially with heat in the hall, l wore a halter neck that was airy but l still felt hot let alone Peters who buried herself in a massive white tiered cape, her hair was packed in a form of a pony tail in a rubber looking tiara, now l’m not sure her earrings had like a bling-bling chain accessory. I heard Peters and Aduni Ade were styled by Toyin Lawani and did you guys see what Toyin wore to the awards, how elegant she looked and her clients a big mess?(SMH) and gulping my Orijin because my favorite drink Bailey’s was not available.

Sometimes when l stared hard at Peters she reminded me of Big Bird in Sesame street series. She kept parading in the hall and l saw people giggle, whisper or look so shocked at her strange outfit. Susan Peters felt so cool in that outfit that maybe her look sometimes like a hen that is about to lay eggs especially when she seats down.

Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga who enjoyed wearing crazy and dramatic outfits to big events are tired of being suffocated by their dramatic costumes in the name of showbiz, Lady Gaga wears normal dresses these days, and Miley Cyrus is tired of clothes and goes around practically naked, with what Aduni Ade and Kendra Etunfuru wore, maybe next year some guests might attend the award practically naked after all Rihanna and Amber Rose had done so, why can’t they?

[Dupe writes from Maitama Abuja]