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How To Protect Yourself & Family This Christmas

how protect yourself family Christmas

December 23, 2017 – Beware Of Criminals Disguising As Scavengers This Christmas!!

By Bayo Osiyemi

I’m sure I speak the minds of many, if I say scavengers who seek alternative sources of money from our dustbins enjoy a good measure of our empathy and sympathy. As crime chart goes, they hitherto did not come into the crime-detection radar in the past, as they were viewed as hapless citizens merely out to eke a living. The focus had always been on petty pick-pockets, burglars and daring armed robbers. Not anymore.

Woe betide that landlord or tenant who walks past unconcerned when these scavengers run their smelly fingers through the dustbins in front of their houses, disguisedly looking for menials that could fetch them money.

The reason is that the scavenger you are ignoring with pity is scheming to short-circuit your joy this Christmas season. There is proof now that they have built unholy alliances with car vandals who remove brain boxes of cars at night, dump them in the dustbins in front of your houses for these scavengers, recruited as agents, to help remove them to their bases in the morning.

In the daytime, these scavengers now stray into homes, especially in private estates, remove small and medium plasma TV and other electronic gadgets and small generators, especially the ones people call ‘I better pass my neighbour’ and put them in their sacks or carts before bolting.

So, when next you see a scavenger near you, beware, your prized possessions may be heading for the “dunghill” of scavenger-robbers!

How To Protect Yourself & Family This Christmas

A security expert, Hopeson Eiterebhe, has advised Nigerians to be more security conscious during the yuletide season.

Eiterebhe, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Hovaka Group, a security firm that specialises in security consulting, and guard services said there was need for people to be more sensitive and security-wise as the Yelutide period approaches.

According to him, this is a period when there is always increase in crime rate both at home and abroad.

He offered some security tips saying: “If you have a tap in your compound or outside your apartment, do not go out for any reason to stop it when it’s surprisingly running in the night. The hoodlums might use that as a tactic to lure you outside.

”Always try to avoid constructive breaking into your house. At every time, ensure that the door is locked yourself regardless of the number of people working for you. This is because there is no successful robbery without an insider’s assistance.

He added: “You have to be sensitive to things around you. Pay attention to everything that might be a security threat.

”If you drive a car, stop displaying valuables in conspicuous places. Valuables placed in transparent areas in the car will entice criminals to trigger something unexpected.

”If you are in a traffic congestion, some hoodlums may walk up to you, asking you to roll down your car glass. Don’t argue with them, hit the car in front of you slightly. Doing this will invite attention to you and that will scare them away.”



  1. Praize Mannuel

    December 23, 2017 at 7:30 AM

    Very good tip thank

  2. Big Aunty Koks

    December 23, 2017 at 8:13 PM

    Noted. Thanks.

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