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How To Be A Good Husband To Your Wife (Marriage Success Guide 2.0)

how to be a good husband to your wife

How To Be A Good Husband To Your Wife

Marriage, today, is fast losing its value, and it is now somewhat difficult to come across a blissful marital union. This is evident in the upsurging rate of divorce across the globe, even in the so-called “religious societies”. To curb this menace and reignite the quenching marital bliss, this article seeks to guide you (as a married man) on how to be a good husband to your wife.

Infidelity and divorce are two notorious mentions in this discussion. The two ills are fast becoming norms in modern day society, especially in the western world. And they have caused serious damage to the institution of marriage, with married couples now having little respect for their vows.

Today, most people go into marriage with the perfectionist mindset, and once their expectations are not met, they quickly bail out and move into the next marriage. Marriages that fall in this class are hardly redeemable.

However, for a marriage that is built on love, and for some reasons, seems not to be working, there is obviously something either or both parties are not doing right. In this case, the buck lies at the feet of the husband, to try and fix the marriage.

Hence, in this piece, we’ll be looking at how to fix or prevent broken marriages, from the men’s angle i.e. how to be a good husband to your wife.

How to Be a Good Husband to Your Wife

As a man, making your wife happy is of paramount importance. In fact, there is some form of correlation between keeping a happy home and living a fulfilled life. So in this section, we’ll be enlightening you on how to be a good husband to your wife and ensure she’s always happy.

To make your wife happy, ensure you do the following:

Accept Her Family as Yours

Marriage is technically a union between two families; hence, you need to accept your wife’s family as yours. Tensions in family ties ultimately result in broken marriages. Hence, as the family head, ensure you treat your wife’s family with fairness, and be of help to them where and when you can.

Today, the unilateral family system that is fast taking over the world has done more harm than good. People now see a family as nothing beyond “a man, his wife and their kids”; little or no attention is given to extended family members, talkless “in-laws”.

Hence, to maintain a healthy marriage, you need to keep your family and your wife’s family in the fold. And by doing this, you will definitely have, not only your wife’s love, but also that of her family.

Always Give Her a Listening Ear

The most notorious cause of broken marriages is breakdown in communication. And as a man, you are always at fault if you are unable to maintain a good and stable communication with your wife, irrespective of the underlying factors.

A typical woman always wants her man’s attention. And by simply giving her a listening ear, you have, to a great extent, validated your love for her. So, whether she wants to talk about Telemundo, Zee-world, make-up kits and the likes, ensure you give her your undivided attention (even if you have little or no interest in what she’s talking about).

By always giving your wife the attention she deserves, she has no tangible reason not to be happy or fulfilled in the marriage. Not giving her enough attention, however, could be devastating.

Provide for Her Needs

As a married man. you don’t need a marriage counselor to tell you your duties as a husband and head of a family. Having the financial and emotional capabilities to set up a family should be of paramount importance to anyone going into a marriage. Failure to meet up where necessary would create cracks in your marriage, regardless of how much your wife loves you.

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Hence, as a man, the buck lies at your feet. And if you can make your wife feel like the queen she is, you would obviously be the king in her world.

Bottom line, money is important if you want to be a good husband to your wife. Anyone who tells you otherwise is only being mischievous.

Give Her Some Freedom

Jealousy, as they say, is a useless emotion. And while it is inevitable in a blissful union, being overly possessive is likely to create some form of distrust between you and your wife. Hence, ensure you give her some freedom, to show her the absolute trust you have in her.

However, too much freedom is not ideal. And, as a man, you should know when and where to assert you authorities, and implement restrictions.

Be the “Man”

As the head of your family, your responsibilities go beyond meeting the financial needs of your wife and children. It also involves guiding your wife towards becoming a better partner and mother. At times, you might have to overlook some of her flaws, and instead, encourage her to do better.

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Although some women could be hard to deal with, it all boils down to your approach. A bossy – tough – approach would eventually turn your wife into a rebel, while a more liberal approach would make her see her flaws and adjust as appropriate.

So. as a husband and leader, lead; don’t enforce!

Support Her

Do you have a career woman as a wife? If so, avoid unnecessary power tussle with her; rather, support and help her toward achieve her goals. For instance, if your wife wants to further her studies, sit her down and let her know you are wiling to support her all the way.

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A wife who rode on the generosity of her husband, in pursuing her goals, would obviously be eternally grateful to such husband.

In a nutshell, brush aside the thought of feminism; support your wife and you will surely reap the rewards.

Surprise Her

Do you guys regularly hangout together before marriage? If so, don’t kill off the sparks and turn her into a homely wife after marriage. Does she fancy a night out, boat cruise, bowling or a trip to the beach? Find out the ones that interest her and take her to those exciting places. Furthermore, remember to surprise her with gifts, especially during special events.

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Baecation, to the oblivion of many, goes a long way in freshening up a union, especially a failing marriage. And housewives often find surprise vacations or hangouts extremely special.

Always Remind Her of How Much You Love Her

Display of affection goes beyond spoken words, yet most ladies still want to hear you say those words. The fundamental mindset of women has not change; a typical woman wants to keep hearing those sweet words from her man.

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So, never underestimate the power of “I love you” (and the likes), and always ensure she sees the sincerity in them.

Be Open & Always Tell Her the Truth

The most trivial of lies could cause irreparable damage to the trust you spent decades building. So, NEVER lie to your wife; if you do, under the pretense of “protecting her”, it simply means you have total disregard for her mental strength (a case of lack of confidence).

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Hence, as a good husband, you need to have utmost confidence in your wife, and carry her along in all your life endeavours. See her as, not just your wife, but also your friend and confidant. This way, you’ll find it much easier to share your past, present and future plans with her.


Marriage has become scary these days, with the spate of divorce and infidelity in recent times. However, most failed marriages were built on deceit, and were subsequently aggravated by inadequate communication and gross misunderstanding. Worse still, instead of making efforts to fix such marriages, most people prefer taking the easy way out i.e. divorce.

In this article, we have made efforts to enlighten you (as a husband) on how to be a good husband to your wife. And if you follow the above outlined guides as appropriate, you are bound to enjoy a blissful, long-lasting, marriage.

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1 Comment

  1. Rosy

    February 11, 2019 at 4:30 PM

    Men, come and learn. Some men can not do any of these but expect their wife to love and serve them like gods

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