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how to become popular work school social media

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How To Become Popular At Work, School And Social Media

how to become popular work school social media

How To Become Popular At Work, In School And On The Social Media

Being popular comes with a price. It is not always as easy as it all seems. Most times when we see stars and celebrities we are so in awe of them and even wish we could switch places with them. What we do not know and may never know is the amount of work and work they have put in to get to where they are today.

There are a lot of things that one sacrifices in the course of being popular. It might amount to not being with your family and friends, leaving some good old friends behind because you have to make new acquaintances etc. Luckily, you do not have to be as popular or famous as the top celebrities. You can still achieve some popularity while still being in your own little circle. It could be at work, school, neighborhood etc. Let us begin with how to achieve popularity as a boy or girl while in school:

Being Popular In School

Being popular in school (especially in  secondary/high school) is usually the concern of many teenagers and  young adults. To them, it is the most uplifting feeling in the world. A lot of them can literally do anything just to be among those popular bunch in school. No one is exactly born popular, but with some few tips and consistency, then you can achieve.

How To Become A Popular Boy Or Girl In School

Here are some tips on how to be a popular boy or girl while in school. These tips are applicable both ways. Remember, you have to be consistent and do it with precision without coming off as a show off or premeditated.

Below are some of the time tested tips we can assure you will work once you begin to apply them judiciously:

Make Good First Impressions

This is very important and probably the first thing you ought to do whenever you come in contact with anyone. Everyone likes charming people –  those who make them laugh and who say nice things about them. No one likes spending time with people who spend the whole day talking about themselves an not caring about what you do or who you are.

So when you meet people for the fist time, introduce yourself and possibly your class, then next thing is to ask about theirs. If they are having issues with their homework or locker etc, offer to help them. This way, you are already etched in their minds as the guy or girl that helped them when they were in a fix. So the next time you both meet, there will not be any need for an introduction. The conversation just flows and from there, well the rest as they say is history.

Have Lots of Friends

Having friends is probably one of the things you should do if you want to be popular. If you notice, the popular ones in your school have a lot of friends and people they talk to.

Now, in actual sense, these people are not exactly their friends, they are people who know them and which the popular ones say hello to. It is not always about having plenty friends but in having plenty people know you. As someone rightly said “just ensure that the people who matter in school know who you then the rest will follow suit”. If we are translating this, it would mean ensuring that the popular kids in school know you. Once everyone else sees that you rub shoulders with them, they would also want to rub shoulders with you.

Good Hygiene

The importance of good hygiene cannot be overemphasized. It is impossible to be popular if you have bad breath for instance or if you look sweaty all the time like you just ran the entire school field. The truth is everyone likes a clean person irrespective of if they are clean themselves.

Therefore if you wish to be popular and well liked, ensure you bath at least twice daily. Invest in some good under arm deodorants, perfumes and body spray depending on your budget (just ensure you have at least two of the three). Also, try getting to whitening strips to help brighten up your smile. If you cannot get whiteners, then brush twice daily and floss at least once daily. All these will help improve your hygiene and ensure you appear clean at all times. Do not forget to also shave your under arm and pubic hair at least three times in a month and wear clean clothes. If you adhere to all these simple hygiene rules, there is no way you will not be liked by your classmates and every other person around you.

Be Trendy and Stay in Style

Most popular people in school are also trendy people who know what is going on in the world of fashion, music, entertainment etc. Staying in style does not mean buying every single thing in vogue. It simply means borrowing a thing or two from it to refurbish your own style. Remember, “fashion fades, style remains”. Style is like your identity- it is what everyone knows you with. So just ensure to know a little about everything and be abreast of current events.

Stay Fit

This is probably going to be tiresome to some people but it should not be. Staying fit does not necessarily mean you have to visit the gym all the time or lift weights. However, there are simple exercises you can do to help keep yourself trim at all times. Find out which particular areas of your body that needs to be worked on and focus on them. You can download some workout apps and do them at home preferably early in the morning and or before going to bed.

Be Outgoing

If you want to be popular, then you have to show yourself as an outgoing person. Even if you are an introvert naturally, you have to at least show that you are a people-person. Go out, get drinks, hang out and relax instead of staying indoors all day. Going out means others will also see you and from there you become a regular smd popular  face.

Do not over do this particular tip. Before you go out for every show, please always check your budget in order to ensure you do not run into debt. You do not need to strand every outing, party or show that is going on in school. Simply pick the one you think will be more convenient for you and where you can also see a lot of other cool people around. Once they start noticing that you hang out there they also  hang out, the connection becomes instant.

How to Become Popular on Social Media

Being popular on social media is like the rave of the moment for almost everyone. Every social medium ranging from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter and YouTube is replete with post and pictures each competing for how many likes and comments it will garner. Follwership essentially is what will determine how many likes and comments you will get. If you have lots of followers, your likes will increase and vice versa.

So how exactly does one get followers? On most social media handles, we have noticed that posting pictures very often gets you some followership. Let us however look at these tips in detail:

Take Lots of Good Pictures

By pictures we mean very good picture quality and nice background. Most people use their iPhones and Samsung devices. Ensure you take pictures in very beautiful backgrounds such as a pool, garden, studio pictures etc. Just make sure the backdrop is fine and you match it with a very good pose. If you do not know how to strike good poses, you can ask your friends who are in the know or better still, ask Google.

You have to note however that this does not work on all platforms. This is most especially for Facebook and Instagram. If you are running a YouTube account, them you need to post relevant video contents atleast once every week. We have so many YouTube handles showing us a variety of contents especially cooking, makeup, fashion etc. So if you are thinking of one or have one already, think of something you have that your competitors do not have.  That will help me carve a niche for yourself.

As for Twitter, it becomes a little bit tricky because it is not concerned about pictures nor videos, rather it depends on how savagery you can be. Like I like to point out, Twitter is not exactly for everyone. So if you cannot take the heat, then you need to get out of the kitchen.

Make a Video Every Once in a While

This should be done sparingly unless it is what you do on a regular. Otherwise, let it be once every two weeks and make it interesting. Comment on popular people’s post. Try to follow people when they follow you or comment on or like your picture (this is especially true when you are still looking for followers).

Make Sure You Have Something to Offer

Yes, that’s right. Apart from celebrities who can afford the luxury of posting anything thing they please and stick get hundreds of thousands of likes, you on the other hand is still growing your base hence, you need to ensure you have something to offer.

For example, you can decide to post pictures of your beautiful outfit every day or your hair, or events and outings etc. The aim is to have a purpose of posting pictures and a good reason at that. People viewing your posts are out for something fresh and new to see on your page. So keep them glued and they will come back for more.

Buy Followers

This is one of the many things you can do to get popular on social media. Most people usually buy followers and from there, build their fan base. While this may not be the best of ideas, you can actually buy some good number of followers from reliable sellers on Instagram.

If you wish to be popular on Twitter, then you need to be up to date with current events, and be a savage. Yes, because if you notice on Twitter, all people are waiting for is for a picture to be posted and they will respond in the most crazy of ways.

How to Be Popular At Work

Being popular at work is very nice if you know how to weave your way around your colleagues and ensure you are still efficient. Here are some of the ways to get yourself popular at work:

Be Efficient

So this is definitely the first and most important rule regardless of whether you want to be popular or not. Make sure that you are up and about with your duties and always do your duties promptly. The best way to be on good terms with everyone especially your bosses is to be a go-to- person, someone that others can look up to knowing that you are capable of resolving literally any issue. Although this may cause some skirmishes and even arouse jealousy among your colleagues, do not let it deter you.

Be Nice and Accommodating

We all love people who are nice  and accommodating towards others. Once you make this known  everyone gets to like you and wants to be close to you. You will become that person that everyone loves to be around.

Have a Good Working Relationship With The Top People at Your Place of Work

Do not restrict yourself to just your department, that is only setting yourself up for unpopularity. If you wish to be popular, you have to spread your tentacles to other departments. Ensure managers and other influential people in every department know you and relate well with you. This way, you will be popular and everyone will know and can say something about you.

Be Clean and Have a Good Dress Sense

Always be that person who looks like you did not break a sweat doing anything. Always look clean smart and smell good. Know when to look official, casual, sporty etc as the case may be. Just be yourself at all times and you will surely achieve the popularity you desire.

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