Husband Sends Wife Packing After 10 Years Of Childless Marriage

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March 11, 2016 – Husband Sends Wife Packing After 10 Years Of Childless Marriage

Adeola Ake, a Lagos housewife, has pleaded with an Alimosho Customary Court, Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos, to dissolve her 10-year-old childless marriage. Adeola, 46, told the court that her husband, Toyin, who failed to appear in court after several summons, had evicted her from his house. “My husband threw out my belongings because I do not have a child for him.

Anytime he throws out my property my parents will come and beg him, assuring him that God will still bless me with a child. But finally, he threw out my property on February 12, 2013 and warned me never to come back.

He said that anytime he sees me in his house, that day would be my last day on earth.’’ Adeola said that she noticed that Toyin changed six months after their wedding.

“In fact, he has refused to take up his responsibility. My husband stopped giving me money six months after our wedding. I feed and clothe myself.

He always rains abuses and curses on me and my family.’’ Adeola, however, asked the court to dissolve the marriage as there was no love lost between them.

“Please dissolve the marriage that has nothing to show for now and in future.” The President of the court, Alhaja S.O. Mumuni, adjourned the case to March 17 for judgment


11 thoughts on “Husband Sends Wife Packing After 10 Years Of Childless Marriage

  1. You have waited too long. U seems to be the one in love with the stranger u called husband. Anyway, madam rebrand n package well, never too late to remarry n with God’s involvement u will bear the fruits of the womb. You can never tell, ur husband might be someone else’s father more reason he sent u packing.

  2. It is not easy to live with childlessness, I admit. But many have done it before; many are still in it. So who says it is not bearable? God is the Giver of the fruit of the womb. It is therefore very unfair to punish a woman for what is not her making.

  3. Let the marriage be resolved so she can remarry someone who will treat her more better. May God see u through woman

  4. Oh i can imagine what she is going through it is so painful when you are searching in vain for conception.Go out of the house of this stranger and you will give testimony in the future while carrying your grandchildren. God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is with you woman cry no more!!!! AMEN

  5. Dear Adeola only GOD can do and undo put your mind and pray to GOD and am sure is not too late to have child Gods time is the best. Do not put yourself in a risk in begging him by going back to him I praise God ALMIGHTY to hear your prayer and stayed by you in providing a good husband

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