I May Run Mad If My Divorce Is Not Granted – Jilted Housewife Tells Court

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November 11, 2016 – I May Run Mad If My Divorce Is Not Granted – Jilted Housewife Tells Court

A housewife, Jelila Nurudeen, on Friday, asked an Ojaoba Sharia Court, Ibadan, to put an end to the union with her husband, Nurudeen Olanrewaju, on grounds of sexual starvation for over seven years.

The mother of three in her petition alleged that her husband was subjecting her to emotional torture by starving her of sex for seven years.

“My lord, all the interventions made so far by this court has yielded no results as Olanrewaju has turned no new leaf.
“I may soon run mad if the court fails to separate us because I can no longer withstand seven years of sexual drought.
“Should I start visiting the homes of some of the committee members set up to reconcile us to meet my sexual desire?
“Please I am ready to walk away from this union because Olanrewaju has already remarried to another wife, who is now satisfying his emotional desire,” Jelila explained.

However, Olanrewaju, who denied the allegation, rejected the divorce suit.
Olanrewaju who works at Nigeria Tobacco Company Ibadan said that he has been living happily with Jelila and promised to still make his wife happy.

President of the court, Sheikh Ahamad Tiamiyu, advised Jelila to give peace a chance by allowing the committee raised on the matter to do their work.

Tiamiyu adjourned the case till Nov. 17, for a progress report.

5 thoughts on “I May Run Mad If My Divorce Is Not Granted – Jilted Housewife Tells Court

  1. Hmmmm when a woman is fed up and honestly and openly request to opt-out and she is denied the right to her freedom instead of creating a messy situation and be accused of adultery while the man is frolicking himself elsewhere as he wishes. Dia ris God ooo.

  2. Keeping this union will be like forcefully taking a horse to a stream. You cannot force it to drink. The lady has reached breaking point and appears unwilling to consider a reconciliation. The man too appears to have an agenda to punish the woman by denying her the right to divorce when in reality he is not really with her in marriage. His protestations of wanting the marriage to continue are just too glib and fake.
    He is playing dog in the manger!

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