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Ikorodu Residents Demand Dethronement Of Oba Adewale Shotobi As Badoo Ritual Gang Kills 3

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Ikorodu Residents Demand Dethronement Of Oba Adewale Shotobi As Badoo Ritual Gang Kills 3

badoo kills 3 family members

June 29, 2017 – Badoo Ritual Gang Kills 3 Family Members In Ikorodu, Residents Demand Dethronement Of Oba Adewale Shotobi

The Badoo gang members struck again in Ikorodu area of Lagos killing 3 family members, injuring the 4th member.

The gang attacked three other buildings on Aliyu Adesanya Street, Olopomeji Bus Stop, Odogunyan, Ikorodu.

The slain family members lived at house 9; occupants of houses 10, 11 and 12 were said to have fled when the gang struck around 3am.

Those killed were David Ikehi, his wife, Priscilla and son Moses. The family’s four-year-old boy Sunday is battling for his life in hospital. Its two-year-old son is reportedly missing.

The killers were said to have smashed their victims’ heads with grinding stone, splashing their blood all over the place.

It was gathered that a resident, Baba Chukwuemeka, who escaped, raised the alarm around 4am.

He was said to have told neighbours that an intruder entered his home through the window, carrying a grinding stone.

The man, residents said, claimed to have dodged being hit with the grinding stone and wrestled with his assailant. The assailant, the man claimed, fled when he could not overpower his victim, leaving the grinding stone behind.

It was gathered that Baba Chukwuemeka’s scream alerted others, who came out to secure their neighbourhood.

In the ensuing melee, it was gathered that a loud cry came from house 9, prompting the crowd to rush there.

Upon getting there, they found that it was the landlord who screamed, but the door to his apartment was fastened with a wire. They were said to have rallied round to rescue him and found the Ikehis while combing the house.

The residents contacted the Shagamu Road Police Division, which evacuated the bodies and took the injured to the hospital.

In anger they stormed the palace of the Ayangburen of Ikorodu, Oba Adewale Shotobi, to protest the incessant killings.

The residents took a swipe at the monarch, demanding his dethronement. They also demanded “thorough investigation” into the killings.



  1. Anike

    June 29, 2017 at 7:42 AM

    May the souls of the dead rest in peace, the incessant killings is becoming too much in a town with a king and chiefs and nothing is done about the way people are being killed in their homes. What an effrontery! it is a shame on the Police, this is becoming too much. Isi it because the rich and influential people are not the ones being killed that is why nothing is done about it. It is high time something is done urgently, we are talking about lives, it is part of the government responsibilities to protect its citizens. This type of thing should not be happening in this century, and not in Ikorodu for that matter. Ambode what are you doing about these killings? Innocent children and their parents are being killed by this so called Baddo people These people are not ghosts, they live and dine within our society, they are not invincible. Put a ransom on their heads, they must be caught and dealt with, this nonsense must stop. I have friends and families who live in Ikorodu and God forbid that it should happen to any of my loved ones, but it could happen to anybody. Who knows the next victim. Enough is enough we call upon the Kings, Chiefs, Police and all God fearing people in our society to speak out against the incessant the killings of people in their homes in Ikorodu. We all cannot keep quiet while this evil continues in our society. May God help us.

  2. sola

    June 29, 2017 at 11:19 AM

    posterity will judge us all. Anike you have spoken my mind as i am also of the opinion that since is the poor that are receiving the death warrant and not the rich, the authority are not under any obligation to do something. As for the Oba, he can only stand before fools and not us to say that he is not involved or does not have information that indicts all this demons in human form. My questions are
    1) what happened to those that have been arrested so far
    2) the information gathered from them what has police done with it
    3) what is Lagos state government, police force and all the powerful and unconcerned elements doing?

    the blood shed and family being wiped off is too much and posterity is watching. whatever man sows he will reap, just wait and see. for all the guys that were paid to do the job, weldone. you have gbekude abi? God is watching and when you die where will you find yourselves? have you ever thought of that? Repent and stop this killing because what goes around will surely come around

  3. Jilo

    June 30, 2017 at 1:23 AM

    The secret of evil occurrence in our society lies within the our leaderships. In a well structure society, the first time this thing happened should have been the last time such bad incidence should have happened.

    If those in the authority do not want such tragedy to happen it wont happen. It appeared those guys are operating because they have good backing.

    Trust me, if those guys eventually arrested, they will mention some prominent people who have been sponsoring them.

  4. God Punish Satan!

    June 30, 2017 at 10:32 AM


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