In Pictures: Olaiya Igwe, MC Oluomo & Others At Bisi Ibidapo Obe’s Birthday Thanksgiving Service

olaiya igwe bisi ibidapo obe

January 31, 2017 – In Pictures: Ebun Oloyede, MC Oluomo & Others At Bisi Ibidapo Obe’s Birthday Thanksgiving Service

The Nollywood actress who marked her 40th birthday over the weekend has shared more photos.

Check them out…

4 thoughts on “In Pictures: Olaiya Igwe, MC Oluomo & Others At Bisi Ibidapo Obe’s Birthday Thanksgiving Service

  1. It is okay to celebrate birthday, I have no problem with that but my questions to all Nigerians is why do we love to celebrate criminality, unruly behavior, hooliganism and immorality in our society?. Look at the people celebrating this Agbero called MC Oluomo because of little peanut they want to get from him. No amount of money this guy might have spent in this party came from the right source.

    We never celebrate our Doctors and Engineers no more. We do not appreciate people who help to promote the good name of this Country. I appreciate the young man from Sokoto who designs automobile for Canadian auto industry. Whenever this guy mentions I’m from Nigerian that gives me a lot of joy compare to MC who contributed nothing order than creating public nuisance.

    He is probably spending money forcefully obtained from law abiding citizens and giving it back to people that do not necessarily need them. All I know is that, he is an hitman normally used by the politicians to carry out their deadly missions. I don’t envy or give a damn about him because his money is questionable. He doesn’t fits into our society.

    Whenever people invite this guy to come and grace their occasion, the message they are sending to the upcoming MC is, their morally wrong behavior is accepted in the society and that makes me feel more concern about how we justify right and wrong behavior in our Society.

    • tank u Jilo, i appreciate ur comment, how i wish the blindfolded ones will see, infact, they are all irritating to me, ARTIFICIALS ****

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