Indonesia Has Executed 2008 Igbos Convicted Of Drug Trafficking – Family Raises Alarm


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Oct 19, 2015 – Family & Friends Of 21 Igbo Drug Dealers Sentenced To Death Protest At Indonesia Embassy In Lagos

Indonesia Has Killed 2008 Igbos Convicted Of Drug Trafficking, Family Raises Alarm, Begs FG For Intervention

Relatives and friends of 21 Igbo drug dealers in Indonesia who have been condemned to death, have marched to the Indonesia Embassy in Lagos to protest the death of the condemned Nigerians.

According to them, about 2008 Igbos have been killed so far in Indonesia and 21 are about to be executed too. They urged the Federal Government to intervene urgently to save the lives of their loved ones, adding that any delay to act could be dangerous.

4 Igbo drug dealers executed by firing squad recently:
1, Martin Anderson – an Igbo who had traveled to Indonesia on fake Ghana passport and incorrectly.identified as Ghanian.
2, Okwudili Oyatanze
3, Silvester Obiekwe Nwolise
4, Stephanus Jamiu Owolabi (He apprently used a mixed Igbo and Yoruba name on a fake ID, also had a fake EU passport with Raheem Agbaje.

Just confirmed, the Next batch of Igbo people to be executed by firing squad in Indonesia soon:

Kingsley Okonkwo
Michael Titus Igwe
Izuchukwu Ezioha
Ekperedike S. Olekama
Adam Wilson
Hilary K. Chinezie
Eugene Ape
Humprey Ejike
Obinna Nwajiagu
Fredrick Luther ( Benjamin Obiora)
Sylvester Nwaolisa
Dennis Anumora
Ikenna Ezenweukwe.
Gabriel Nnadi – died in prison

Apart from the ones on death row, about 2008 IgboS (excluding the ones killed recently) are said to have been executed in Indonesia since IgboS started the DRUG trade there decades ago.

A death row filipino lady, Mary Jane Veloso whose case is causing international outcry was said to be a mule used by Igbo people, Donna Uche and Samuel EzeKalu.

According to Thai, Vietnam, Cambodian, Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian police, Igbo people bearing Nigerian passports are a major source of drug trafficking in Asia and are now using local girls as mules to ferry drugs abroad. Nigerian passport holders are the subject of serious scrutiny and abuse by Asian police as a result of Igbo drug dealers and human traffickers. Igbo people are apparently single handedly making it impossible for Nigerians to holiday, travel freely and conduct business due to Igbo activities.


-Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodian, Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian police
-Nigerian Embassy in Thailand, China, Indonesian
-Chairman, Asian Businessmen Association, ABMA, Mr. Athan Ezenwa Okedu
-Chairman of Youth for Greater Nigerians, YGN, Dr. Paschal Okoli
-Ministry of Foreign affairs
-House of reps committee on Diaspora Affairs

[Report By Amaka Igwe, Lagos-based Investigative Journalist]