‘Ini Edo Must Be Pregnant This Year’ – ‘Desmond Elliot’ Prays Against Miscarriage


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Sept 6, 2014 – ‘Ini Edo Must Be Pregnant This Year’ – Fake Desmond Elliot Prays Against Miscarriage On Facebook

A Facebook Page with the identity of Nollywood actor Desmond Elliot is currently calling for prayers against star actress Ini Edo’s conception problem.

The Facebook page ascribed to Desmond urged fans to pray for miraculous conception for Ini Edo who hasn’t had a child since she got married in 2008.

In the Facebook message, Nigerians were told to say amen to the prayer that the diva who has made them laugh would have a reason to smile before the year runs out.

The message read, “We all know actress, Ini Edo, has been married for a while now without any issue. Many of us have laughed at her, insulted her, judged her without knowing the pains she goes through indoors. She has entertained us, made us laugh and has inspired many of us. Today, let us come together and pray for her. Ini Edo, this year, 2014 will not pass you by, you will not only get pregnant, you will also give birth safe and sound. As you write AMEN to this, may God answer all your hidden prayers. Why not write amen? Your amen is so powerful, just type amen on her behalf. God bless you.”

So far, the post has generated over 100,000 amens.

An quick check on Desmond Elliot’s official Facebook page reveals nothing of such so this post must have come from an impersonator.

Desmond Elliot will not find this funny at all. Let’s wait for his response.