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How IOM Raid Saved Nigerians From Killer Libyan Slave Traders

iom rescue nigerians libya slave traders

The Moment IOM Raid Prevented Libyan Slave Traders From Killing Us After Putting Dangerous Chemicals Into Our Private Parts – Nigerian Returnees

Seven Nigerian returnees in Abeokuta today gave account of their agonizing trip to Libya.

In a dialogue session led by Obasanjo, the 7 Libyan returnees gave touching revelation of their experiences in the Libya.

The most heartbreaking story came from a mother of 4, Ubong Rosemary who narrated how she and others escaped death as International Organization for Migration, IOM raided the hide out of their slave traders.

Her story:

“I am a native of Delta. I was living in Lagos before I lost my husband in an car crash. After I lost him; things became very hard for me and my children. I could not pay house rent or school fees for my children, so my children dropped out and I went back to help my mother who was a food vendor in the village in her one room apartment . We had a lot issues and quarreled. She had an accident and at point could not cook.

“I decided to go somewhere far because I could not provide for my kids. I wanted to go far from my predicament and met a lady who introduced me to a Madam. On the way to Libya; I lost my way and contact. They were just carrying me with the people- I was like somebody lost. I didn’t know where I was going.

“I made it to Sabat and saw our fellow men and women selling women into prostitution. I was sold in Tripoli and not Sabat. I was not able to pay the cross money over the Mediterranean. They sold me to connection house. Someone else bought me.”

“We were there for days until they pushed three boats into the Mediterranean. I saw two boats capsized before my very own eyes. Someone kidnapped us and jailed us.

“I was about to be killed as it was the very day I was to be killed that IOM raided us and saved us from death.
“What they did to us was very bad. The use sponge along with harmful chemicals like shampoo to clean the private parts of women. They push it into the women’s wombs and the wombs fall out, after that, they will put the womb back in again and urge women to continue to sleep with the men there.”

Rosemary momentarily broke down in uncontrollable tears and was comforted by Obasanjo who urged her to continue to tell her story.

She finally said that she could not forgive herself for abandoning her four children with her mother who was still alive and taking care of them in Edo state.
“I haven’t seen my children, except for just once.”



  1. Joseph A Imanko

    March 24, 2018 at 11:34 PM

    I can’t believe some people are still in that God forsaken country

  2. Concern Citizen

    March 25, 2018 at 2:40 PM

    This is a really heart breaking story.

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