Is Mercy Johnson Really Dead? Did She lose An Eye… Find Out Here

mercy johnson dead

Nov 30, 2011 – Is Mercy Johnson Really Dead? Did She lose An Eye… Find Out Here

The above photo of  Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson with blind-eye make up on set of a movie directed by Michael Jaja.

According to her PR release, the rumour of Mercy Johnson‘s death might soon surface all over the net so be informed she’s not dead, she’s just acting dead (lol). Read her press release below

As at the time of writing this, blogspheres and entertainment industry is awashed with rumour that star actress, Mercy Johnson suffered blindness and experienced a terrible accident that led to her death.

This rumor has no resemblance or iota of truth. Mercy is on a movie location in Lagos and getting set for her trip to Australia in a matter of days.

After diligent investigation, we discovered the rumour started as a result of a publicity stunt initiated by producer of a movie where Mercy’s character lost an eye. Another part of the rumor was started by detractor whose only goal is pull MJ down by all means.

It is despicable to note that these rumors were strengthened by writers who did not crosscheck before posting on their blogs, platforms or newspapers. We decry this act of insensitivity and irresponsibility especially as it affects family, friends and fans.

We appreciate family, friends and fans that have taken time to call out of concern and love and we wish to let them know that mercy is hale and hearty.

We implore bloggers and writers to kindly cross check reports on mercy with us to avoid using their platforms to promote falsehood and abate inappropriate ‘’PR stunts’’ by those who want to sell their movies or those whose goal is to pull others down at all costs.

Thanks for your understanding

101 thoughts on “Is Mercy Johnson Really Dead? Did She lose An Eye… Find Out Here

  1. Mercy Johnson can not die or get build in Jesus name even if dre snd 4rm any were ti wil not work for dem. Mercy is a friend to evry bdy mostly I, i love her vry much

  2. Mj all i want to tell u is that in every rumour somthing is coming out of it. You have to back ur self with prayers because they are roaring like lion looking for someone to devour pray without seasons

  3. Av alwz know nd believed that the rumor is false,rumors are carried by fools,spread by ignorance nd it only lasts 4 three days.i love mercy nd her style in fact im her one big fan.i sometimes act like her.

  4. Life is 10% what happens to us, 95% how we respond to it. I don’t know why people kept on looking for one or the to black mail good people in life, let those whose life God has blessed let them be oh. Do you think taking delight over such things will take you any where in life we should learn to bring out the best in other people’s life before we think of the worst. How can one black mail one big time Nolly wood actress just like that isn’t that crazy enough kai make una behave una self oh that beauty na my role model oh. Mercy Johnson may God bless you where ever you are.

  5. U ar simply d bst,bad belle people wil kip goin dwn if dey tink dey can bring u lov’stay kul,i dey fancy ur swag.

  6. Did Mercy really loss one of her eyes. I love her so much and would not want any thing to happen to her. I cannot watch any film without the presence of Mezrcy Apostle Johnson Suleman.

  7. Whatever the enemy is planning will nt work on u in jesus name Amen for me u are still very much alive nd u will see ur children children . Dnt worry mercy u are going forward u are the best

  8. this idea of spreading false news of downfall of some popular citizens is bad and those behind it should stop it. mercy johnson will live and fulfill life. She will not die young in Jesus’ Name. God bless you Mercy Johnson.

  9. God forbid such thing in Jesus name God said in the bible in the book of. Isa43vs4 that you are too precious to die .you will see your children,s children amen

  10. Am relieve cause mj is my role model who will i have learnt from again. God bless her i love her very muc

  11. i hard sleepless night when i hard this evil news from those evil never do well people, i thank God all mighty that MJ death scandal is not true.

  12. i am so happy to hear d best news my sista n my most deasrest actrest MJ dat she is very much alive wen i had d news i was shouked they said so only to increase ur life u will eat d furt of ur labour in i wise u quickest recovery JESUS name AMEN

  13. I was so surprised when my someone told me she is dead,i told d person it a lie, den I google it, arhg, Wat a Big relieve,u shall not die but live

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