Jude Okoye Moves Out Of PSquare’s Squareville Mansion, Relocates To Peter & Paul’s New House

jude okoye moves out squareville mansion

Feb 22, 2016 – Jude Okoye Moves Out Of PSquare’s Squareville Mansion, Relocates To Peter & Paul’s New House In Ikoyi Lagos

The elder brother of Psquare’s stars Peter and Paul Okoye has left their Squareville mansion in Omole for a new house recently completed by his younger brothers.

Jude shared a photo of himself in the the new mansion on Saturday with the caption “Thankful,” which fueled the rumours that he has moved out of the Square Ville.

On Friday morning, residents of Omole Estate woke up to the invasion of the Square Ville, home of Psquare, by policemen, purportedly carrying out a court order to reclaim about N8million said to have been paid to the artistes for a show they eventually turned down.

A leader of the delegation who spoke exclusively to NET said they were carrying out an order passed by the Ikeja High Court, Lagos.

“Psquare were paid over 8million Naira for a show and they didn’t show up for the show. Our job here is to enforce the court injunction and retrieve the cash. Right now they say they are trying to transfer the money and that’s why we are waiting.”

Prior to the incident, Peter had started a Twitter rant, calling it quits with their elder brother and manager, Jude. The matter appeared to subside after Paul took sides with Jude.

According to insiders, Jude is likely to ruin his brothers career due to his hatred for Peter Okoye’s wife, Lola Omotayo.

15 thoughts on “Jude Okoye Moves Out Of PSquare’s Squareville Mansion, Relocates To Peter & Paul’s New House

  1. I wonder why this their elder brother is behaving like a wayward,your brothers make you who you are today instead thanking God, your busy talking trash,if u’re angry because Peter married Lola plz go & hug transformer you will be ok if not B.P will catch you, hisss a brother who can’t help matters rather than to destroy.????

  2. Jude, please stop the hate, it won’t pay you any good. Or was she your ex or the lady you tried to woo but she bluntly refused you. Is it the reason for the hatred?

  3. Why is the stupid older brother called Jude living in their mansion, he should build his own house & stop parasiticing on his brothers

  4. Allow peter and her wife 2 be haba! Re u d one living wit her? U married ur own choice,why not allow anoda one 2 enjoy d choice he has made

  5. May be Jude should go and get a life? And pls , what’s all this rubbish about him hating his sister in law. .? He should leave the couple alone. Is his brother complaining.? Aproko.

  6. They should just leave this lola out of their problems,they are all adults they should settle their differences peacefully.His brother is not the first to marry from another tribe nd he won’t be the last.

  7. So all this while managing Psquare he cldnt afford to build his own house or even rent one..that’s unbelievable!!!and to say that he his even proud livn on the sweat of his Brother!!!Mr Jude,please shift commot for road and get a life

  8. Jude has nothing against Lola. Paul’s wife is not an Igbo. Lola seems to have an overbearing attitude, instigating her husband against the family

    • @my Lady
      Please dont say what you dont know. Even if Paul’s wife is Not Yoruba,that does not STOP Jude from hating Lola for being who and what she is….a fact has been established here which is that ;JUDE OKOYE HATES LOLA;HIS BROTHER’S WIFE SO PASSIONATELY! Do you get that.
      So your argument here is baseless and senseless….
      Its better you go and advice JUDE OKOYE to stop hating instead of trying to defend his nefarious attitude ok.

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