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K1, Wasiu Ayinde Praises 99 Year Old Mother, Halima Shadiat From Ekiti State..Photos

k1 wasiu ayinde mother

January 31st, 2018 – KWAM1, Wasiu Ayinde Praises 99 Year Old Mum, Halima Shadiat From Ekiti State

Excerpt of Wasiu Ayinde’s recent chat with The Sun.

Tell us about your mother

My mother, my God. She’s everything that I have. She is the one that turned me to what I am. She’s the one that gave me the opportunity to sing. Her name is Halima Shadiat. My mum is from Ekiti. She’s 99 years old. She still uses her phone and she doesn’t use glasses. She recognises people’s number on my phone . She’s the one that first sang before I took over singing from her. My mum is my all in all.

How do you mean? Was she in the choir?

No, not at all. She had a band before she got married to my father.

Was she singing Fuji?

No, she was singing the music of then (laughed)

Does she eat special food?

No. she doesn’t. She doesn’t fall sick.

What does she do?

She’s a trader. She trades in fabrics. She had a shop in Lagos Island before she retired.

If there’s anything like re-incarnation would you like to come back through her?

I will come one thousand times through her. She’s much disciplined. My parents are very good parents (mum and Dad) unfortunately, I lost my dad long time ago.My mum taught me how to cook to be able to take care of my junior ones then. And before I knew it, cooking became part of me. Although I’m not the eldest, I was saddled with the responsibility of taking care of my siblings.

What are the things you learnt from her that you still uphold?

I learnt cooking from my mum. I learnt the art of doing good from my mum. She encourages me to do good, be respectful to people. She taught me that whatever good you do is coming back to you. It’s a law of Karma. She said doing good will set you free and will not set you on anybody. People will like you when you do things right, they will respect you, they will talk good of you unlike when you make life miserable for others. Definitely whatever you do to people is still coming back to you.

As a teenager, what advice did she gave you about girls?

Well, the truth of the matter is that she warned us to be cautious. If you think running after girls is what pays, definitely you will see the result. But if you face what you are expected to do squarely, you will have every reason to be thankful to God and you will enjoy whatever goodies that come out of it.

You learnt cooking from her, what was her favourite food then?

She taught me so many things, efo, egusi, efo elegusi, efo riro, she taught me many things about cooking.

Did she have any favourite among her children while you guys were growing up?

My mother loves all her children oooh. You know mothers for what they are, all their children mean something to them.

No mummy’s pet?

She has no reason to have a special child.

What do you love most about your mum?

She’s very contented, she cares for her children. She loves her neighbor so much. She taught us to be good to anybody on our way up because you might meet them on your way down. She trained us well and today, I’m enjoying it. I have never stepped on anybody’s toes, I’m doing my thing in my own way jeje and I have a lot of goodies to show for it. I enjoy tremendous support and patronage from people generally as a result of all those things she has imbibed in me.



  1. Jilo

    February 1, 2018 at 7:15 PM

    Wasiu Ayinde Marshall, are you saying all these for cover up? Those who know more about you can attest that you and your Mother are not in good relationship. May be now that you think she has few years left on earth you are trying to getting more acquaintance with her.

    In the late 80’s and early 90’s you were so inconsiderate about this woman trying to pay her back for dumping you with your father when you were young because of that you have vowed not to extend your wealth towards her. In most of your song, you always singing praises of your Father. You seldomly praise your Mom who hailed from Ilupeju Ekiti. I was a withness when one of your friends name withheld was pleading to you to give your Mom money to start business but you refused that day. Your mother reported you to that guy because she knew he was the one who can talk you in order for to do help her out in her business. You told that guy that day to give her his own money. I was like is this for real.

    In spite of all that, I’m really impressed about what you said about her during this interview. It really shows that you have forgiven her but not completely forgiven her. People can read from the picture. My advise for you is to completely forgive so that you yourself may be forgiven. You are now becoming a grandfather. If your mother had not left you, you might not have struggled to be where you are today.

    • Beejay

      March 22, 2018 at 11:46 PM

      Bless You for this comment @ jilo.


    March 4, 2018 at 3:26 PM

    Ayinde we are very pleased that you are part of this noble town Ilupeju Ekiti let the people of this town feel your existence when next where are celebrating Ilupeju DAY in honour of your noble MUM

  3. Ajitaramu Opeyemi

    June 2, 2019 at 12:45 PM

    We the Ilupeju sons and daughter will like you to trace your origin from Ilupeju Elite and let the whole world knows where your mother is from, do not just abandon and erase the town (Ilupeju Ekiti) from your background. Please sir may God continue to abide with you, your family and mother…

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