Kano Governor Ganduje Spends N208Million To Buy Noodles To Empower 5200 Tea Sellers


ganduje spent N208million empower noodles sellers kano

Nov 13, 2017 – Kano Governor Ganduje Claims He Spent N208Million To Buy Noodles To Empower 5200 Tea Sellers In Kano State

The governor of Kano state who became Oyo state governor Ajimobi’s in law over the weekend is trending for wrong reasons.

Abdullahi Ganduje on Saturday morning distributed items like powdered milk, crates of egg, cups, nylon, white sugar, spaghetti, bread, cocoa beverage and cartons of noodles to about 5200 tea sellers (Masu Shayi) in the state

He said each of the 5200 Masu Shayi (tea seller) will receive N40,000 each.

He however raised eyebrows when he said the state spent N208 million for the empowerment project.

Since Ganduje  is fond of arresting Journalists who criticize him on the social media, many Kano-based journalists must have kept mum.

How can Oga Ganduje claim he spent such ridiculous amount on noodles for tea sellers in Kano state?

Chai!!! Naija Governors… Diaris God ooo.