Kanu Nwankwo Orders Aides Arrested For Stealing $1000

kanu nwankwo aides steals $1000

June 19, 2013 – Kanu Nwankwo Orders Aides Arrested For Stealing $1000

Retired Super Eagles Footballer, Kanu Nwankwo last week had a terrible fight with some of his house helps over a missing $1000 in Owerri, Imo State.

According to sources, the ex-footballer accused 3 of his aides of stealing the aforementioned sum from his room.

We learnt the star accused 2 female house staffs and a young man of stealing 1000 American dollars which he kept in his room.

He later invited Police officials to get them arrested.

He insisted that the suspects shouldn’t be let go until they acknowledge the theft.

Thank God for the quick intervention of close relatives who intervened on behalf of Kanu’s aides.

The staffs maintained their innocence as no one took responsibility for the theft.

12 thoughts on “Kanu Nwankwo Orders Aides Arrested For Stealing $1000

  1. Wonders shall never cease! But if Kanu takes gud care of his staff,they wudnt think of doing such. Although,its a chicken change to a person of Kanu.

    • Nope no matter how good you are to some people,they will still steal thinking that you have a lot so why do you have to bother about the little one,the mentality is we must chop from you.Stealing is stealing,if he is not taking care of his aides,they can as well resign.

    • Such mentality,chicken change.That is an average 9ja man for you.Does this guy still play active soccer where they pay them heavily.This guy is retired and he is just in private business with whatever he saved from his soccer days.Get that into your head.

  2. chilaka y r u talking like? He shud now spend or throw away money cos he is rich? Besides this has nutin to do with treating his staffs well cos even if he pays dem $1000 per month each for their services, when they see his $1000 they go still steal….Humans

  3. let him deal wit dem cus thief is a thief, if kanu is not taking gud care of them den they suppose to left cus dat doesn’t mean that they shud be stealing his fuckin money meh

  4. all of you said na the aides stole the money they mad…after all what is 1000dollar to kanu…to the extend of involving police

  5. Kanu you are a stinging man I pick him from heatrow to north london he paid me peanut you are too tight brof try to change your way do good to people around you bruf money is nothing yoruba says ko si oun ti amuwa kosi oun ti ama mu lo sorun change brof.

  6. @ola, tby nd ekene, 3 of una na thief una be dat is y u supportin evil. His is fuckin cash nd e sufferd 4 it so let hm luk 4 it wicheva way. If na me I go even leav dem mak dem die 4 dia cos its nt easy 2 trust aides 2 an extent of letin dem in2 ya private apartment

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