Kenyan Woman Names Twins Babies Barack Obama & Mitt Romney (Photos)

obama romney twins babies photos

Nov 9, 2012 – Kenyan Woman Names Twins Babies Barack Obama & Mitt Romney (Photos)

Millicent Owuor, a Kenyan woman who delivered her twin babies on Wednesday has named her baby boys after President Obama and his rival Mitt Romney.

20-year-old Owuor said she did what she did in order to keep the memory of Obama’s reelection fresh in her family.

Millicent Owuor gave birth at an hospital in Siava town located few distance away from Obama’s family village in Kogelo, Kenya.

16 thoughts on “Kenyan Woman Names Twins Babies Barack Obama & Mitt Romney (Photos)

  1. Well…y not name dem Obama and Osama…i think dat rhymes more……..for sure pple like tend to like d Obama more dan d Romney….anyway shaa….my twin names are,Jonathan and Boko haram

  2. Y not name them Obama and Osama….i think dat rhymes more…..4 sure pple will like d Obama dan Romney…anyway….my own twins names are Jonathan and Boko haram….

  3. That's nice but I just hope that the twins will grow well with strong love for each other without being rivals to each other. Hope the family will give the twins equal love so that they can grow up psychologically sound

  4. If am the one, I will not name the second one romney because one will be winner and other will be looser. Oruko nroni, I pray that they will always be head not a tail in Jesus name.

  5. Dat kenyan poor women has the poverty of the Mind.dat she cant think of her children tomorrow.the Husband should have a say on dat Almighty wrong decision

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