Iyase Of Udo Chief Patrick Igbinidu Freed; Kidnapped Edo State King Paid N10m Ransom

chief iyase patrick igbinudu

Sept 20, 2013 – Kidnapped Edo State Traditional Ruler Released; Iyase Of Udo Chief Patrick Igbinidu Paid N10 Million Ransom To His Kidnappers

A traditional ruler in Edo State’s Udo town has been freed from the kidnappers‘ den.

The Iyase of Udo town, Chief Patrick Igbinudu got his freedom yesterday at Uwelu, in Egor LGA of the state after paying 10 million ransom.

Udo residents claim the traditional ruler is looking very tired and haggard.

He was kidnapped last week Thursday at his palace by some masked gunmen.

Here is a welcome message to Chief Patrick from an Udo native named Comfort Adesuwa;

We welcome back our very kind and well-loved Chief Iyase. We thank God that you returned home safely. The turn out of the whole community to receive you shows you how well you are loved by the people in the community.

I pray that them Nigerian government will live up to its responsibility of providing jobs to the youths or improving the standard of education by making it functional and people are able to create jobs for themselves when they graduate. Like that, the phenomenon called Kidnapping will be wiped out.

For the youths who kidnap our poor and struggling parents and traditional rulers extorting money from them, sit and ruminate in your mind if that is fair. Where have our values gone? Let’s try to find other means of livelihood that will give us dignity and make our children and siblings proud of us in the future.

5 thoughts on “Iyase Of Udo Chief Patrick Igbinidu Freed; Kidnapped Edo State King Paid N10m Ransom

  1. What a bitter sweet ending to a story that could have ended tragically if not for the grace of God. Chief Patrick Igbinidu welcome home.

    To the kidnappers and every other person who participated (directly or indirectly) in this heinous, despicable and shocking act; you might think that “you don hammer” aka your glory days have begun but unfortunately you have just stepped into your days of woe (great sorrow and distress). Every action good or bad has its consequences and the aftereffect of this abhorrent act awaits every single one of you. You will eventually have to pay for every single naira you extorted during this process. When God told Adam that he’d have to toil for his daily bread, HE meant every single profit or gain that comes into your procession has to be earned by honest means. So therefore, Mr. Kidnapper, Mr. Informant and the rest of the gang you all will eventually have to pay for every single kobo of that was given to you and that might take a lifetime.

    Good luck and God Bless!

    • u are evil so u wish he paid 50m what kind of person are u? one day for thieve another day for the owner nemeses would soon catch up on u

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